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Pregnancy after lap radical excision or TPE...? Painful

I had radical excision surgery by TPE 3 months ago and i think I might be pregnant.

Is pregnancy likely to be more painful after this type of surgery? I am in agony with my hips, groin and lower back. I'm getting shooting pains in my tummy. If I am pregnant i am about 4 weeks. I've only had a faint positive pregnancy test so far.

What could be causing this. The pain is definitely unique and much more intense than how my endo pains used to feel.

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Firstly, congrats on your pregnancy!! That gives me hope as I have just had excision surgery and am now TTC.

Your body will still be healing from the op, it can take up to 6 months to fully heal inside, so some of the pain could be related to this, and also women with endo (let alone straight after an op) can experience stretching pains as the uterus grows and expands. This is quite common.

You should see your GP soon though to get everything checked out. My doctor informed me that if I do fall pregnant, I should get a scan at 6 weeks to rule out an ectopic, as chances of this occurring are higher after excision of endo.

How do you feel generally after the excision op, has it helped your symptoms for endo much? I'm still in the first few weeks of recovery so am hoping my symptoms have improved but hard to tell at this point.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy and symptoms! xx


Hi soub,

Thanks! I'm still a bit cautious to celebrate as I had 2 miscarriages at 4.5 and 5 weeks before my surgery. What you have said makes a lot if sense and the pains feel like they might be related to stretching! Fingers crossed. Thanks for the tip about ectopic. I wasn't informed of this but it makes complete sense that we could be at higher risk.

I hope your surgery went well? I was told to not make a judgement about the success of mine for at least 4 cycles. I had 2 and should be on my 3rd. My 1st period was hideous and heavy (sorry but just preparing you), the second was a bit better but still very very crampy, I was expecting the 3rd to be better still but I guess I'm not going to find out hopefully!

The big improvements for me were more related to constant lower back pain and pain during sex. Ovulation has been a bit more tender than usual. I was tempted to start the pill for a bit to give everything time to heal but sort of glad I persisted!


Forgot to say...I really hope your recovery goes well :) x


I'm really sorry to hear of your losses, I completely understand that you would be cautious in the early stages - I really hope things go smoothly for you in the coming weeks and months.

I have never managed to fall pregnant prior to the op so I am hoping the op will help me to conceive naturally. Unfortunately they discovered I also have adenomyosis which they were unable to remove so even though they removed the endo, I am still likely to have long term problems with pain management, and fertility. And fingers crossed the endo doesn't return.

I have already had my first cycle (2 weeks post op) and I was preparing myself for the worst (I had heard it can be awful!) but I was surprised as the pain was more manageable then I expected. I get horrendous lower back pain normally, and shooting pains in my pelvis, and those were both improved quite a bit so I am hoping that will continue in the coming months - however from what I have read, the first few months don't give much indication of the long term benefits of the operation so I am cautious and will take each month as it comes.

I was told these next few months post-op are my best chance to conceive, so no pill for me either and will start ttc as soon as I feel well enough!

I really hope everything goes well for you in your recovery from the op and in your pregnancy. Please do keep us updated!


Hi again,

Sorry to be nosy but I just noticed in one of your earlier posts that you said you were waiting for IVF as you had male fertility problems? My partner is just waiting for his results back for sperm analysis and I am a little worried that this could be an issue as he has been under so much stress this year, and has battled with anxiety and panic attacks.. I know this can really affect sperm count so I am preparing for this to be another possible hurdle for us ttc. We will probably go on the waiting list for IVF in the next few months if we are unable to conceive naturally.

I just wondered if you had any advice for ttc with these possible obstacles and if you made any changes which may have helped? diet, lifestyle etc?

soub x


Ah so glad to hear things feel like they have improved at this early stage! Long may they continue.

We found out in may that my husband has big problems. We were both really shocked. We always chalked our fertility issues as being down to me.

The first test my husband had was awful. He had rubbish everything! The second test he had he had high count, borderline motility but still poor morphology (tapered heads 99%). Doctors seem a but vague on morphology but we knew he had at least 7 million normal ones and I guess it only takes one. Poor morphology can be associated with early m/c so I do wonder if it may be our biggest hurdle now.

What helped my hubby was lcartinine supplements and the wellman conception tablets. He gave up smoking last year too. He also has been taking a high grade black sediment called shilajit. We have gotten pregnant every cycle he has decided to take it. Maybe coincidence? It is pretty foul tasting.

we have an appointment to see our ivf doctor tomorrow. I'm not cancelling just in case this doesn't work out. Call me cynical but the odds have been against us in every way!



Thanks for your advice, that's all really helpful. My partner is taking some supplements but i might look into the all-rounder conception ones as they'll no doubt include a few things we may have overlooked. Luckily he hasn't smoked in years and he has also just started to reduce his alcohol intake. I've done a bit of googling on the shilajit you mentioned - i'd never heard of it before. What brand did you buy and where from? There's so many out there and it's hard to know which ones are high grade. He said it might be worth a go, we'll await the test results (this coming Tuesday) before we take the plunge though.

I hope your appointment went ok with your IVF doctor - I don't blame you, I would keep my options open and keep things moving along until I knew I didn't need to.

Hope you're feeling ok with the pain and symptoms too.

soub x



It's really pure stuff. My husband adds hot water to soften it and then mixes it with juice.

Here is some research that you might find interesting



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