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Radical excision sugery

Hello ladies, I have severe rectroviginal endo. Been told it's very nasty and has obliterated my pelvis and left side wall. I am waiting for,what I have been told, is major surgery. Really just wanted to know how long you had to wait for this type of surgery, how long you were in hospital and what pain relief you were given after op. Thank you xx

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Oh gosh, from my understanding that is as severe as it gets? Have you been referred to an endo centre? Sorry that I cannot give you any advice. I have rectovaginal 'thickening', I was told it only occurs here when you have had endo for some time. All the best for your surgery! X


Thank you for your.reply. Yes I have an endo specialist. The endo is very severe and I'm in excruciating pain. It's really getting me down as I'm signed off work and can't really get out or do much. Just hope I have my surgery soon.x


I have rectovaginal endo and it's very severe. I think the waiting time will all depend on who they need for your op. Obviously you'll have the standard waiting times which differ depending on what Trust you come under.

At my clinic they have multidisciplinary meetings with colorectal and urology surgeons to look at MRI scans and discuss severe cases and see who needs to be present for each op. My clinic also operate a buddy system so there are two gynaes operating. If you require additional surgeons then it could take longer to schedule your surgery as they'll have to organise diaries.

You can phone the hospital/gynae dept and ask their waiting times.

I was in hospital for 4 days. This was my 6th op and I was in theatre for about 3 hours. My body doesn't react well to pain and goes into distress following surgery so I was on pretty heavy duty painkillers. I was on a morphine pump and ketamine. I also had a drain (first time had that) and a catheter as I always go into retention and can't pee following surgery.

The pain relief you get will be dependent on what you're taking now and what you get done and the level of pain. Don't be afraid to ask for more pain relief. It's important for you to be comfortable so you can rest properly.

I hope you get your surgery soon and get relief from the pain. Take care x


My op took 5 hours. It was major surgery which involved my bladder, ureters, uterosacral ligaments and total removal of peritoneal lining. I was home the next day as it was all done by lap. I think your recovery is probably going to be dependent on the skill of the surgeon. I did have to get rushed back in with shoulder pain due to the co2 gas. I found tramadol was very helpful with the pain. I continued to recover for about 6-8 weeks at home. I hope your surgery goes well xx


Thanks for your replies. Did you have awful back pain?X


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