Menopause or Pregnancy?

So as some of you may know I have been told to go on Zoladex or Prostap but I'm a bit dubious as it could stop me getting pregnant afterwards. Anyway, my dilemma is do I get pregnant before or after the menopause treatment?

Also from all you beautiful mommies out there, I wondered what its like to be pregnant with it? Does it hurt as its pulling on the endo whilst the baby is growing? Does childbirth hurt more or is it a breeze compared to everyday pain?

Not very clued up so ANY advice on pregnancy and childbirth will be great for me.

For everyone's information, my partner has a VERY well paid job so we can afford it, we have the room for a baby too, we are mature enough, we are strong enough (I've been through worse) All I want from you guys is if you think I should get pregnant now or risk it after treatment?! And the other info about birth and pregnancy.

Thanks in advance girlies,

Leya xoxo

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Hi Leya,

I think only you can decide but what I can tell you is about my experience....I have had several courses of Zoladex over the years as was diagnosed 20 years ago and my first course was back in 1993. I have since gone on to have twin girls (with the help of an amazing Endo specialist) so am not sure why your worried that you might not be able to have children after a course of it? Many women do....

Anyway, twin pregnancies are notorious for having problems but despite my stage 4 Endo I can tell you mine was amazing and I felt great and pain free most of the way through. Unfortunately they stopped growing at 35 weeks so I had to have a planned section and hence can't answer in regards to labour :(

I hope that puts your mind at rest and feel free to ask any other questions :-) X

Thanks for answering,

The reason for this is I have read and been told that your periods may never come back and eggs won't produce meaning I can't get pregnant. I haven't had the odds of this but I know it can happen. I am 17 so I feel I'm way too young to go through the menopause but at the same time too young to be pregnant. I still really want kids though and if there's no risk right now of never conceiving ever again then I feel now is the best time to try.

I am glad you had an easy ride with your pregnancy and what better than to have twins, I have twins in the family but one is always miscarried :( Anyway, what kind of pains did you get and were they the same as your normal pains? Sad that they had to be delivered by C section but that's what's best and 35 weeks isn't too premature.

Sorry for the rambling and more question,

Leya x

Oh bless you Leya, I was actually diagnosed at age 17 and remember how scary it all was plus the pressure I felt to get on and start a family.

I'm glad I didn't bow to that pressure as yes there is a risk that your periods might not return and I do remember worrying about that as always knew I wanted kids but I think it's really tiny and even if that did happen then they can always put you on Clomid to re kick start your system and ovulation (I was on that when I conceived my girls) but what you can't get back later is your youth. Your young Hun (sorry as i dont mean that in a patronising way....maybe i just feel old now! LOL) and need to enjoy that so please don't feel pressured now for the wrong reasons.

Out of curiosity, who has suggested Zoladex to you? I assume it's a Gynae consultant? Did they also mention add back therapy in addition to the Zoladex (it's a low dose form of HRT) to combat some of the associated menopausal side effects and helps maintain your bone density.

The only pains I had in pregnancy were the normal ones due to your pelvis stretching (which is nothing in comparison to Endo pain) and lots in my bottom but that was probably due to me fracturing my Coxyx 2 years earlier!

Yeah, I was disappointed that I couldn't even attempt labour naturally (a previous consultant had joked that labour pains would be a breeze) but they were both breech anyway and all that mattered was that they arrived safely...I'm probably bias but they are now 4.5years old and very cute :-) Although there was no way I would have had the patience and other life skills needed to handle them when I was a teenager.

It sounds like your story is so similar to how mine started and looking back now I think I can safely say that the consultant at the times attitude was push me into starting a family so that afterwards they could just do a Hysterectomy if I had anymore problems and then be done with me...I just hate the thought of them doing that to you Hun! X

Oh no no,

It was my gynae who suggested the Zoladex but she actually told me to not get pregnant and want me on contraceptives for a while yet. It's me worrying about pregnancy and wanting it so soon. I'm thinking of trying after I finish my GCSE's at college (Long story, I didn't do GCSE's in Year 11 so doing them now) and if it takes a while get treatment and see where that takes me.

And no I haven't been told about the add back therapy, I heard about noritheristone I think its spelt lol. No one has actually told me what its for or to take it with anything. And I am a bit worried about the bone density thing too.

Glad there's not alot of pain in pregnancy though. With the pain I keep telling my fiance to give me a hysterectomy lol. I explained the pain at its worst in my A&E again... post.

Thanks for helping and being so caring :) xx

Hi leya, im 28 and had my daughter when i was 19..being preg was great!! No pains at all (apart from the usual preg twinges etc) i did have a scare at 33 -34 weeks were i had a terrible heavy bleed that left me passed out in bathroom, rushed to hospital and steriod was given to help baby..she came a week later only 4lb. Then back to the pain and heavy bleeding.. I had my son who is 4 by c-section as he was too big for my tilted womb.. A mighty 10lb 4oz !! Hes strong as a ox!! Same again lovely wonderful pregnancy.. Then bk to same old. We tried for 2 years to get preg again cos i love my children and i feel so lucky to have them .dont let u being young put u off , i was young and it was best thing i ever did having my children young because by trying for 2-3 years to concieve again my gyne thinks i probs wont be able to have anymore. Im now on decapetyl because the pain got so bad im yet only to see bad side effects with this injection and up to now im regretting it but theres still time for it work and theres loads ladies which it has worked. Best advice is follow ur heart. Children are a blessing ..truely. Goodluck.claire x

I have a tilted womb too and wondered if this would make the pregnancy harder. Did your womb come forward eventually?

Did you find it easier to get pregnant at 19 than when you had your second? Just so I know like time spaces and stuff.

I'm sorry you had such a stressful time and sorry you can't conceive any more :( 10lb is ALOT for a baby, that would kill me! My fiance said his brother was 10lb something but he was 7lb 8oz and I was 7lb 7oz so hopefully my babies will be like that.

I am in so much pain all the time and even though my tablets have been upped and I'm on 1800mg of Gabapentin a day but its still there like a dull roar. Not good that you've got bad side effects with the Decapeptyl, I never used to have bad side effects until I had the implant and now everything makes me ill.

I feel like I should have children now but I will wait till I've done my GCSE's again and then do it.

Thanks again :)

Btw, you have the same name as my mum, so I'm taking that as a sign lol xx

Lol. Its a good name! Took about 6 month when i was 19 and about 4 month with my son so pretty fast!! U shud defo finish ur exams first as believe me children are very time consuming and its always good to have qaulifactions ready for when u do deciede to go back to work after having children. I do wish i had of gone to college like my friends at age 19 but hey i still work (not the job i wouldve liked) but i still earn a wage. And my son starts nursery in sept so im thinking of going to college in near future. U sound pretty sensible but like a lady said u cant have ur youth back . If i could go back and i had the choice i still would choose my children theyv made me who i am and to be honest i have a reason to get up when im in pain and i just wana lie there feeling sorry for myself.. Children dont let u do that and im glad i have there little smiley faces to look at every morning. Truley grateful. Im not sure how it effected me with tilted womb i just know he got stuck and i got rushed theatre. Goodluck and baby dust x

Thank for that. I always wake up and be lazy for the rest of the day but I wouldn't mind getting up for my babies. How does it affect you when you have a flare up and you have the children to care for? Do you have to grin and bare it or do you have someone who helps? Like is it cope-able? Sorry for the constant questioning, just trying to get as much info as possible x

Ooooh, forgot sorry, did labour pains hurt less, more or the same as endo?? Just because if its going to hurt more then I might go with C section xx

Just like my worst period pains. Its a breeze ;-) x

Thanks, I'm not good with pain (says an endo sufferer lol) and I moan about it...ALOT so I think I'll get some duct tape, I honestly never shut up. But I also get exhausted from it so I almost pass out, do you get that kind of thing in childbirth? It gets that intense you get lightheaded and tired and so on x

I'm in a very similar situation I'm 20 been with my boyfriend for a long time and both have well paid's making that decision of having kids young or when were a bit older but maybe risk not ever having endros just come back 20x sister in infertile...I know I'm not much help but just so you know your not alone at all....just do what's right for you and your boyfriend xxx

You have helped as I know there are many girls in my situation helping me understand or helping to support me and guide me in decisions. I have recently had a really bad flare up of symptoms and it felt like I was going to die, I have never felt pain like it. I think even though I am young, I will handle it, I am lucky with my whole family behind me ready to support me. I hope you don't have a bad time with getting pregnant and good luck!!

Leya xxx

You should definately ask about add back therapy then which is normally Tibilone. Noristerone is a drug I have had to take to control my heavy bleeding when it's gone on for weeks at a time!

If pain is your main symptom then it might be worth you looking into Visanne...I don't know enough about it myself but hear it's available in the UK and was specifically developed for Endo pain. Docs probably won't mention it otherwise due to costs.

Always happy to help where I can's not fair that this horrible disease can put so much pressure on us. Big hugs X

Just read your A&E again post....assume if you see a gynae in Oxford then your not far from me as I am just outside of Reading! X

Well I see a gynae at John Radcliffe, obviously can't name names but she is doing well so far and is letting me make my own decisions. Sadly I live 100 miles from Oxford but its worth it so far...

I keep trying to find people closer so I could get those caring hugs in person :( Just need them sometimes from someone who understands. It's almost like no one in Stafford has it except me.

Thanks again hun :) Big hugs back xx

Hi, I was told I had endo when I was 24, I'm now 30. As I was in a long term relationship my doctor suggested I should try for a family while I was young and my chances were higher. We did and now I have a healthy 5 year old. Being pregnant cleared me of endo pain but I did have pelvic pain (spd) but this usually goes after childbirth - which it did. I breast fed for a year so still no periods- yay! Then a year later all the pain associated with endo came back. Childbirth feels just like an endo attack except u get a nice reward at the end! I always tell my doctor it feels like I'm in labour every month!! I think from the looks of it your chances are good either way so the preference is on having children now or waiting. Good luck with your decision xx

So when I give birth it will be like the bad endo pains I get for a number of hours? That sounds awful but when you get a beautiful baby in your arms after, I guess that's worth it.

Thanks for explaining it as I wasn't getting that with everyone else's replies and that's kind of what I needed, an example of something I know.

Hope you are well and thank you for replying xx

Sending you virtual hugs then....from someone who does understand ;-) X

Thank you :) Shed a little tear 'cause I'm daft like that haha xx

Sending you virtual hugs then....from someone who does understand ;-) X

Good luck to you hunni, I am 22 in my final stages of university 6 weeks left and qualify in November I would love you get settled in a job but I'm always thinking about having children and what if I can't. I was told at 18 to try but never did because I wasn't ready. I am ready now however financially I am not. I have been on a course of decypeptal for nearly 18months and had my last injection October 2012. My period have been returning since may irregularly though. I was concerned by what you had written because I worry about not being able to have children and I would like to start trying by the end of the year, I feel more positive when speaking to ladies who have had children. Good luck 2 u x

I am a little confused, sorry. Why were you concerned? I probably didn't read it right sorry. And yes, I'd say either you or your partner get a job fast so you feel more comfortable with your decision but be warned, you can't claim Maternity Leave until you've worked at least a year at that workplace.

I feel positive too when I talk to other people but it sounds odd, I prefer talking to people who've not had it easy and have struggles so much to get where they are as that's always how I am so if I know after all of that fighting they finally got there, it gives me some fighting power. I don't like when people try to make out its easy for everyone when for some girls its not.

Thanks for the reply and I hope you have good luck with conceiving. xx

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news after so many positive posts but I think it's important you hear every point of view. It took me 7 years to have my son. I was pregnant several times before I had him but miscarried each time. My labour was horrendous! It lasted a week (slow labour) and I have never known pain like it! He was back to back and had a short cord so those were added complications which meant he wasn't very easy to get out! I was preped for a c section but he finally came out naturally. I certainly didn't find labour a walk in the park compared to endo. Oh, I also had quite a lot of pain from scar tissue when I was pregnant. Anyway, what I will say is that I'd do it all again tomorrow. Endo pain is just pointless and annoying, labour pain is for the most beautiful reason ever and that gets you through. Oh, also, keep thinking of things, lol, I had just finished 6 months of Zoladex when I fell pregnant. Hope that helps!

Lucy xxx

Thanks Lucy,

No one is the bearer of bad news, just someone with a different experience. I am extremely sorry that you had so many miscarriages before getting pregnant! That is one thing I am absolutely terrified of, I feel that will break me more than not getting pregnant at all, knowing I got so far but can't have it. I'm glad you experienced a natural birth, I don't really like surgery so I don't want to decide on a C section for definite but if it comes to it I will in a dangerous situation. Did/do you have a tilted womb? As I was born back to back and I have a tilted womb and don't know if its worse having back to back with tilted womb than with normal. Complicated sorry. I have some scar tissue too so that will probably affect my labour too. And did you mean keep thinking of nice things through labour? Apart form labour itself lol.

Do you think the Zoladex helped you fall pregnant? If that's the case I might do Zoladex then try getting pregnant. And does Zoladex hurt? I'm really scared of needles and I hate pain so I just wondered if its bad. Especially as its a thick needle to place the implant inside.

Leya xxx

Hi leya, i read ur last 2 posts hun. Hope i didnt affend u by saying i feel preg easy..i also have had miscarriages and i know how lucky i was to have children. U sound very confused but then there are loads of stories and not everyone is the same.i really hope it turns out well for u cos ur a very sweet lady. Baby dust to all ladies who are try to concieve.claire x

Ps- i named my daughter Angel , because i felt truely blessed to have her. X

No I never meant it like thatt, sorry it sounded like that! I just meant on other websites people are like "I dont have to worry about conceiving as I fall pregnant everytime" and it upsets me, definitely not anyone I've spoken to, sorry about the confusion hun :) and that's a great name, I've been trying to think of names relevant to the situation like I thought of something to do with miracle, on girl did heaven backwards which was nevaeh so I thought of elcarim but that sounds like and Indian near me called Al Karim so I thought of using the elca from im but make is Elsa or Elisa-May (may for my fiance's nan) sorry for the long message about names lol xx

Cool names. I like unusual names. Altho my son is Alfie because he has such a cheeky face it suited him. Fine about the long messages im on sick and in bed so very bored. Mite have to have a trip to a'n'e as advised by my gp -dizzy,stiff neck,stabbing pains and i keep blinking fast wierd. Xx

My fiance wants Matthew for his favourite band's lead singer lol. so it will be Elisa-May and Matthew but I want a middle name for Matthew so still thinking. And I'm always on rest, found out the dose of painkillers I'm on wouldn't touch a fly, hence why they aren't working. Making me dizzy, tired and I get involuntary twitches every now and again but my gynae is a bit reluctant to go up more as it can give me more side affects. I just wish something would work for the pain. Sorry you aren't feeling too good :( Not nice when you have all of these things going on, hope you get better soon hun xx

I have been told I have a heart shaped womb, can't remember if it's tilted or not! Lol.. I've been told so many things over the years!

Before I had zoladex I had major surgery to remove my left ovary and tube and a major endo clearout so it's difficult to say whether the zoladex would have had much of an impact alone. I didn't really know anything about it when I took it :/

Joining in on the name topic I called my son Theodore because it's means gift of God :)

Lucy xxx

Wow, heart shaped? Not heard of that but just googled it, and now I understand why you had so many fertility problems and why birth was so much more painful. Its a shame you have so many things or had so may things going on at once!

And by all means everyone join in on the name thing, I love hearing the stories behind names :)

Thanks for trying to explain at best whether it was zoladex or the treatment you had that meant you got caught.

Good luck in the future with everything,

Leya xxx

Thats so sweet. X

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