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first period after radical endometriosis excision

hello ladies,

i just had very complex long surgery for my endo. it was 12 days ago now...

im due on my perion beginning next week. i have a question...any lady out there who can tell me about first period post op...is it this same? or worst? was it on time? or late? i know for everybody is different but i thought i would ask anyway...



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Hey Martoosha

Sorry not sure I can answer this question as only going for excision surgery today myself. I had been told to expect it to be worse and likely to be late. Hope your'e feeling ok and getting better each day.

Would be interested to hear how you get on. Best wishes xx

Try lots of turmeric to ease the inflammation xx



thank you for answer. where you having your excision done if you dont mind me asking?

good luck x


Hey Martoosha, I had excision surgery last October. My period was late and when I spoke to my surgeon she said this was normal. I was expecting it to be much worse and painful when it did happen. It wasn't too bad, in fact the pain was a different type of pain and no where near as intense. I used to dose myself up on painkillers all day for the first few days of my period and I didn't feel I needed to for this one. It felt more 'tender' if anything, like a bruising feeling, more than achy - if that makes sense. As you say everyone is different and I was really expecting the worst and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Hope you feel better soon xx


hi gemmah6,

thank you for reply...

just a quick question...when you noticed your periods start to improve? also time between periods like pain? fatigue? etc

thank you x


I have only had two since the operation and they have both been different to before I had it. For the first period, as I say it was late I had a bit of cramping leading up to it, but on the first day of my period normally I would sleep and dose up on painkillers all day, this time I didn't feel as tired and I didn't have as many painkillers. I had my second period a week ago, again it wasn't as painful, I actually managed to go out on the first day of bleeding, which I haven't done for months, if not years! As I say it's a different pain, I get a 'pulling' pain on the side I had a chocolate cyst removed from my ovary, but then its still reasonably early days after the op, albeit the scars are fading outside, there is probably some mending still going on inside. I worried like you, and was stocked up with all sorts of painkillers, and when it came it wasn't so bad. Perhaps I had built it up into something or it actually was easier, I don't know....Everyone is different, and you are strong enough to get through what you have been through already, you should be proud of being brave, just remember how strong you have been until now X Hopefully you won't have a bad period and it will all be on the up from now on. I have everything crossed xxxxx


Hello Martoosha,

I had the surgery at the beginning of December. My period was about a week late, for me unfortunately it was very painful and intense, mainly the first day. Not worse that what i've experienced before, in a way the pain was a little bit different but i don't know how to describe it. The doctor said it was completely normal. So if it's bad don't think the endo didn't go away. I wish you a quick recovery and a non painfull period ;)




hi yiota,

thank you for reply,

i have one more question...when did you notice your periods improving? pain wise....

also between periods fatigue pain etc?



I haven't had a second period yet. But I can tell you from a friend's experience that she had significantly less pain at her second period and it got better ever since (pain, fatigue ect).


ah ok thats good news. i hope we will get better soon. im abit worry because i had very sever aggressive endometriosis and my excision took almost 11 hours....im only day 13 post op...still sore and sometimes in pain but im ovulating and i can see the same symptoms which i had with endo...its abit fristrating because after such a radical operation people around me thinks i should be fine and pain free and im not which puts me in so much pressure and doubt.... x


Feeling the same pain three days after I had my lap. I don't think mine was all dealt with it's harder when family and friends think it should be done and dusted now. In bed after 5days of pain I feel like I have the flu. So sorry your feeling the same


you are still very early....give youself time. its a hard recovery and we have to be patient i guess...we always have each other here hey!;-)

ladies on here are loooovely xx


It's been over a week and recovery wise I'm ok active mum of two with no car to get around but the pain started the minute I started the mini pill which has happened before when I start contraception my endo would flare up and I know im due to ovulate next week (my worst time)

I suppose I'm just annoyed 😒 and ready to stop the pill if it flares it up too. Thank you for your kind words hope you feel better soon.



I had the same question it started well no painkiller needed until 3rd day and then 4th day I had high level pain.

So I would suggest keep meds at hand and take on the on set

Best of luck 🍀


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