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Surgery problems :(

Hi guys :-)

I hope you have all had a nice day :)

So I went for my pre-op this week and had been booked in for lap on 22nd July but at pre op the nurse informed me that I may not be able to have it done because I've been on so many courses of prednisolone steroids for asthma. I developed awful asthma last July after having a reaction to zoladex, though not one doctor spotted it (despite me telling them) so I had a full 6month course of it, admitted to hospital for at least a week each month after the injection, and narrowly some how just avoided intensive care.

Anyhows, since the zoladex stopped I've not been into hospital, but have had steroids at the first sign of any cold, cough or splutter, my most recent course being 3weeks ago.

The pre op nurse said it depends on the anaesthetist on that day so I'm left to wait in limbo to find out what they decide.

Also I had some routine bloods taken And the next day my gp had been sent the results and called me as my platelet count is only at 117 which is not too low but norm is 150-400. I have to wait till next wed to see gp and find out what that means for the op.

I'm so impatient though, I've waited so long for this! So I thought id ask if any of you have had any similar problems before surgery and if surgery went ahead or not?

Anyone know much about low platelet count too? I've read that the steroids are meant to make your count higher so baffled with the amount I've had!!

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hopefully someone else will have experience with Lap and Prednisone.

But I had sinus surgery a few weeks ago while on Prednisone, the surgeon was quite happy for me to be on prednisone at the time.


Hiya. I was on steroids and antibiotics when I had my lap - I was totally honest with the anaesthetist and she was fine about it in the end. Told me to take my reliever inhaler about 1 hour before my op time. I took my peak flow meter into hospital as well which she was pleased with. My heart rate had been 126 bpm 2 weeks before my lap it had come down to 90 for my pre op. I had to arrive at the hospital for 7am on my op date and it was when the smog in the uk was affecting asthmatics.Anyway the morning of my lap I was wheezing and my heart rate had shot back up to 120 . I literally was sat in hosp reception with a hot water bottle pressed to my chest to help my breathing ( rotated onto my stomach because I was also on my period!!) I also downloaded a metronome app on my phone to try to slow my heart rate ( worked if I closed my eyes and relaxed enough - amazing lol) Anyway in a nut shell try not to worry and just do what you can between now your op date to look after yourself. Good luck & hope it goes smoothly ( sorry for longwinded reply so tired this morning!) X


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