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Pains worse after lap and mirena coil being fitted?

Just found out that my consultant didn't remove any of my endo or put my womb back in place, just fitted the mirena coil, now getting even more pain then before and more bleeding, I bled constantly for 3 weeks before being given tablets to stop it. Had a scan to make sure the coil is in place properly which it is, but all the doctors keep saying is kept it in because it will get better, its been two months and i've been to the doctors more in the past two months than i have in a year. can't help feeling that my doctors are just fobbing me off. has anyone got any advice on how i can approach the fact they one didn't do what they were supposed to in the lap and two are now just basically leaving me in a lot of pain and discomfort??

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Dear Lord! Are you seeing back street doctors? This treatment is appalling! Poor you. No-one deserves this! My advice is to search for endo excision specialists in your area and have your GP refer you to one through the NHS Choose & Book system. Endo does not just "sort itself out". You need to have your endo removed by excision (not thermal/heat methods). Endo is an invasive disease and Thermal/heat treatment laparoscopically cannot guarantee that all disease is removed, mostly it just burns off the disease on the surface. You need to see a specialist surgeon who excises or cuts out ALL of the disease. That way you have a much higher chance of getting better. Also if you're not happy with the mirena or it is causing pain you don't need to just live with it. You can have it removed. I had a mirena for 7 months and it just made the pain worse! Hope this helps! If you're looking for a good book on Endo I'd recommend 100 Questions & Answers About Endometriosis by Dr. David Redwine. It will help you understand more about endo and possible treatment options. All I know is that you need to find a Dr who understands this disease and the pain you're in! Hope you feel better xx


these docs do my head in - but my mirena has been in for 11 months, it hasn't reduced my pain at all, the first 4 months the pain actually increased, but i was told the same give it a chance etc etc - i'm kind of glad its in though as it has reduced the heaviness of the bleeding but certainly not how often, periods are very erattic and find myself on my period more often than not - i was told it was 'most probably' stop my periods altogether........hmmmmm - hope you get sorted out xxx


Thanks guys, going back to the doctors again today, as I didn't sleep as was in too much pain again last night, and because I was so restless kept my boyfriend up all night as well. And although he understands that my pain causes me a lot of discomfort he can't completely understand just how much pain I'm in and still gets a little grouchy which I do to. It feels like this condition is affecting my entire life including my love life. I felt so bad this morning as he had to get up at 5am for work and got about an hours sleep. Like he just said to me, my condition doesn't bother him he just wishes the doctors would make me better. I just want a normal day where I don't have to explain to people why I just suddenly doubled over in pain when I was fine 2 minutes previous.

This has been going on now for the best part of 10 years and I'm only 22, it started with doctors telling my parents I was just getting growing pains and that I'd grow out of it, and then at 13 them saying actually we think something is medically wrong but taking till I was 18 to actually diagnose me. :(

Hopefully the doctors will listen to me today without just fobbing me off again. I'm actually going to request that I get re-refereed to the consultant and/or a specialist because I cannot live with this any more. And if they try to fob me off again I'm going to ask for a second opinion because I've had enough. :(


snap... i been on it for flipping over 6 months and never works on me.. i begged my emergency gynae to get it out of me... after than i never felt so relaxed after that and then i had to wait for couple of months to get a pill to stop this damn period... not fair eh? when mirena coil is the only option and it doesnt work to most women but only works when people who had babies... i never did and it never works... i bled all the time when i have a pain... xx sorry to hear that xx


Hi. Sorry to hear you're having an horrendous time. I had surgery and the coil fitted sometime afterwards and my body totally rejeced it. I had chronic thrush and was that badly inflamed it took three attempts to remove it because they couldn't examine me. If it's not working for you get it taken out asap.


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