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How long before a Microwave Endometrial Ablation (MEA) or Novasure works?


I had my ablation seven weeks ago when I had my lap. I bled for five weeks after, and then my periods started on Tuesday just gone, so about a week without bleeding, plus I had already been on my period ten days before my lap/ablation, so it feels like I've been on loads. This period that the started the other day is quite heavy, I just wondered how long it took for the ablation to work as I don't seem to have been told this info by any doctors, but I sort of assumed once the initial bleeding stopped then that would be it xx

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I had an ablation three years ago and am fairly sure I had very little bleeding post procedure. I then had a period around the time it should be and it was noticeably lighter and shorter.

I still get lighter periods now, although heavier on the first two days, about one every two months but some people get none at all.

The results do vary. I would see if you can get a post op appointment to discuss your concerns.

I've got another appointment with consultant in June, am on waiting list for hysterectomy anyway. I've been putting it down to maybe hormones settling down as had Mirena removed at time of lap/ablation, but I was hoping the ablation would work so that maybe I could prolong hysterectomy, and try to manage the endo pain but it's not looking good at the moment xx

I didn't realise you'd had the Mirena removed at the same time as ablation, that probably does make a difference. Hope things settle down soon x


The leaflets on Novasure and Thermal Ablation I have been given as I will be having one or the other says that ideally you should have a few months course if something like Decapeptyl before and after to get the best results. I was really hoping it sould stop my periods altogether. Maybe it depends on your age and how the procedure was done, but would have thought results would be same for everyone.

Hope you get some answers and a rest from the bleeding soon


I had one over 2 years ago now. Apart from some initial spotting, I have had practically no bleeding ever since. Although it is making my perimenopausal symptoms difficult to track because if I feel like I might be ready for a bleed, nothing appears it has been without doubt the best thing for me. I am delighted to say that it saved me from needing a hysterectomy. For 2 friends, they still needed hysterectomy. For both of them the ablation was not successful, their wombs just not the right shape or larger the mine.

I do think that if you are still bleeding in a few months, the consultant may be able to say whether it was successful or not & if worth trying again with a different product, there are a few on the market.

Hi I have been offered endometrial ablation and interested if it improved your symptoms and if so which symptoms were improved or in what way has it been the best decision for you and how did it save you from a hysto?

Many Thanks

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