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Mirena how long till cramps stop

Hi ladies I had a lap 10 weeks ago and the mirena fitted at same time. I felts really well up until about 6 weeks ago. I have been having really bad period like cramps every day for the last 6 weeks. Went to docs they have ruled out kidney infection or pelvic infection. Could it just be the coil settling down and if so how long will it take.

I was also on prostrap injections prior to lap so was wondering could it be ovaries starting up again.

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I had the same problem with mirena. Try to get an ultra sound scan done as it may have slipped like mine had. I tried it twice and they both slipped so had them removed. Then went on Prostap as well which caused bad gastro problems. The prostap is now working out of my system and I am now getting all the old pain back and feel that the ovaries have started up again.

If you're anything like I was with coil I couldn't wait to get it out of me.

Good luck


The GP did an internal examination and sed it was in the right place. I'm still waiting to go back to hospital for post op check up. It should have been after 6 week but they have put it back until 13th dec it will be 3 months by then. think I will go see GP again tomorrow. I've also been having pink discharge for the last week but thought that was probably ovaries starting up as it's been 4months since I stopped prostrap injections and this is the first sign of anything. Thanks for your reply been finding it hard to talk to anyone about it as everyone thinks I should be fine now I've had op I'm sure they think I'm just after attention so I've just started telling people I'm fine.


hi, i had the coil fitted 3 weeks ago. someone said to me 3-6 months, but am not sure if that is for it to stop periods. Am on zoladex for 3 months as well. my consultant has booked me a 6 week post surgery ultrasound and i am having a coil check at my GP as well.

hope this helps.


I had a coil check at GP and they said it was fine. My GP said u shouldn't be in this much pain now. It's always worse in the morning and as the day goes on it gets better. I really hope it is just the coil settling down because I have tried everything else


You should never worry about talking, I think its that, that gets most of us through it. I really do think that unless you are going through it yourself people really don't realise the pain you are in.

If in any doubt at all ask to have the coil removed only you know your own body.

I am at the moment waiting to see a new gynae doc who specialises in the holistic approach so hoping that gives me some answers. You do what is best for you and if you're not happy with what your doctor tells you ask to be referred to another one for a second opinion.

Best of luck x


Had a scan and coil is in the right place. Found out I had vaginosis so had antibiotics for that however the pains are back in left hand side. Finally had post op check up and surgeon said he thinks the pains are due to my body still healing as he had to cut my ovary free from uterus on that side. So back on painkillers and anti inflammatory till I go back in another 4 months.


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