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Mirena Coil - how quickly does it take affect?

Hi Ladies

This past year has not been easy, my periods are all over the place, unsettled, painful and heavy. Back in July/August I bled for 3 weeks after only having 4days since my previous period which had lasted 10 days. The Consultant put me onto Yasmin to stop the bleeding. Rather than stop I bled heavier for a further 6weeks, began losing clots which became the size of ping pong balls and the pain was just immeasurable. After booking an emergency appt he took me off Yasmin and advised I had the coil fitted. I was also sent for an ultrasound which was perfectly fine. I have advanced endo which I kinda knew was causing my issues.

It has been just over four weeks since stopping Yasmin, I haven't had a bleed which I'm obviously grateful for. I had the coil fitted Friday just gone (the most horrific experience of my life) I have unsettled pain which I expect. According to the 28day guidlines us women have I should have come on two days ago but my history is that I have 42+ day cycles so I wouldn't expect to be on now anyway.

I'm incredibly grateful that I haven't started spotting, and dearly hope my body accepts the coil so I can enjoy the next five years of my life. I just wondered just how quickly the coil begins to work in all aspects. Any experiences people had would be invaluable. Although I am open minded I would like to have a slight insight.

Thank you!



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Hi Jodie

I'm on my second coil now, it has been a real life saver for me and I would have another fitted if necessary after this one but my gynae thinks I'll be well into or even past menopause then so it shouldn't be necessary.

However, when I first had it put in, it took about 6 months to properly settle. You will very likely bleed when you expect to for the first period at least, possibly beyond that, and you might experience weird spotting or even heavier bleeding in between times. On the other hand, you may never bleed again until the coil is removed. It varies so widely between individual people that it's impossible to say for certain what will happen in any situation.

Keep that open mind, and don't be disappointed if it doesn't 'kick in' as soon as you'd like. If it works for you, it will be so worth it in the end :)

Good luck

C xxx


mine took 5 months


Mine took around 6 months. I used to bleed through clothes onto furniture so am v grateful for it working but it didn't seem to agree with me for months and I wanted it out. Was talked out of removing it, think much of the pain was probably post op. Glad I kept it.


Had to have mine removed 3 days after it was fitted as it caused my pelvis to swell up and blister badly. Apparently I am allergic to something in the coil and I wasn't allowed another one to be fitted. Hope yours works for you and you get a good quality of life xx


Thank you ladies. I am yet to come on my period or have any spotting - yes! I just don't know whether this is normal or not. I have only had it in a week and intend on giving it a full go, only if I completely end up crippled will I agree its not for me. I do hope its as positive for me as it has been for so many others. My main concern is that I could literally pinpoint to where it is. I have a small localised spot of sharp pointy pain, it radiates out in all angles and is aggrevated by walking and driving. I'm a PA and work varies between sedentary desk work or running round like a headless chicken. When I can veg at my desk it does ease but once I'm mobile for too long I can feel this pain increasing. My belly is swollen and wont go down. I am a size 8, 5ft3, I look pregnant :( a look I havent had since I was on prostap last year. I made a phone appt with my gp last night but cancelled it. She still called me back to see if I was okay. She requested I go and see her nxt week to check it over. Hopefully it will settle over the weekend.

Has anyone else had a specific sharp pain?

Thank you all again xx


Hi my coil took 10 months to settle down but it's the best thing I ever did! I was very ill bleeding daily and had it put in during a lap I don't have periods at all now


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