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Mirena Coil vs Depo Provera injection?

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Hi ladies, I have unconfirmed endometriosis, not had a lap to actually find it but 4 years ago I had a burst cyst that they thought was appendicitis, so had one then with general surgeons, who unfortunately didn't look for the endo! However, all doctors that I have seen are pretty sure I have it.

Anyway, I'm 19 and I am currently on Cerazette, but this is not working for me at all any more. I'm always bleeding through, in pain every day and then when I do come on I can be on for 2-3 weeks at a time, and the pain is 100 times worse then. I'm at Uni and this is really difficult when I have deadlines to meet and lectures to go to. So my next step is to try the Depo injection to see if that works, has it worked for any of you? Did you have any bad side effects? how long did it take to settle? etc. and then if that doesn't work I'm looking into the mirena although this scares me to death, I know the fitting is going to be painful and although it works for some women I know it can take a long time to settle down which I can't really afford to wait for.

Any experiences and opinions would be helpful! Thank you ladies.

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Hi Caitlin, I have had a similar experience when under surgery for a suspected appendicitis they found endo. Luckily for me they called in a gynae surgeon at the time. Sony sounds like you might have endo. I had depo for a few years & my periods stopped so I didn't have any symptoms. I have also had the coil both pre childbirth & after. It does hurt before but only for the fitting & maybe cramping after which is short & then you have nothing to worry about for 5 years. Not as scary as it seems. I hope this helps. Jess

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Thanks Jess, I'm just really confused about where to go with it right now, I really don't want a laproscopy yet!

Hi Caitlin I have had both of them and would always recommend the coil first. I put on over a stone on the depot injections and was very up and down when it came to my moods. As for the coil it did take a few months to settle but has been the best thing ever, I have had it in for 2 and a half years and stopped having periods 2 years ago. I can't comment on the insertion pain my gynaecologist had to persuade me to get it by offering to put me under a general anaesthetic for it.

Hope whatever you decide works out for you xxx

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Thanks, I am really worried about the weight gain, I've heard a lot of people have put on weight with the depo which really worries me. I think the best option is to try it for 3 months to see how it affects me and keep track of my weight and if it isn't going well I'll stop those and have the coil!

I did ask if I did have it could I have a general anaesthetic and they wouldn't allow me to do that! You're lucky xx

Hi I've had both and would recommend the mirena a over the depo and yes the fitting of the mirena can be painful but try to make sure you have it inserted during your period as this makes it less painful. And as with both options there will be a muck up with your periods to start with but this should hopefully settle down. Best of luck to you x

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Thank you, it definitely seems the mirena is the chosen option of the two, I suppose all I can do is try xx

hi..I don't know if the drug I'm on is available to you where you are but here in Canada it has been out for about 2 years..it's called Visanne..it's a form of dienogest which acts like a progestin. It completely stopped my period and stopped all my endo pain as well. Not too many side effects either.

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Hi thanks, I'm in the UK so I'll certainly ask about it, not sure if we have that here though, thanks for your input!

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I'm on my 3rd attempt of the mirena. The first time it fell out with a very heavy bleed. The

second one was in for about 15 months. I had

it removed as I was having emotional problems. At the time I blamed the mirena but on reflection, I do not think the mirena was to blame. (I got the same emotional problems two years later)

I had my 3rd one put in on the 29/01/14. I took my regular strong pain relief before it was put in, at my doctors surgery. It was painful but it was over very quickly.

I was expecting to have a lot of spotting for months.....but I'm pleased to say I only had a few days of spotting. I've had two periods since I've had the mirena put in and all I can say is......WOW! My periods have gone from torrential with blood clots to only having blood on the tissue when I wipe....... Sorry TMI !

I am still having a lot if pain but I hope this will become easier when the mirena has been in longer.

I have extensive Endo, adhesions and adenomyosis. I do not want to go on the GNRH drugs, so for me the mirena is my only hope of avoiding major surgery. (I've tried everything else)

Some ladies do not like their mirena. But I would suggest you give it a try. If it doesn't suit you, it can be easily removed. I've only had my mirena in for 7 weeks and it's already become my best friend!

The only experience I've had with the depo provera was when i used it for contraception. I can't remember gaining weight but I did suffer with millions of spots!

Best of luck.

Barbara x

I just wanted to reply to try to put your mind at rest about the fitting of the mirena. I had mine fitted last Monday and it is a quite painful but it's over so quickly, I had a doctor and nurse in with me and with them nattering to me it was over really quickly. Take some ibuprofen before hand and try really hard to relax, I know that's the most difficult part!! My doctor made me book a 20 min appointment but I was back in my car within 10 mins after. I had period like pains after on the Monday and that's all.

I was on the depo for years and really loved it. No period and no pain, but now I have osteopenia in my left hip and spine. I decided to get off the depo and try something else. My gyn recommended Mirena. I had it fitted on Monday and still have some cramping, but nothing horrible. I really hope this helps me.

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I was on mycrogynon 30 before for couple of years and I felt really bad. My GP recommended to start with depo as it only lasts 3 months and then, if it doesn't help to try mirena.

I had my first injection in December and I love it! No period since, horrible period pain and period related migraines are gone. I still have bowel symptoms but I just had another depo injection and I will keep having it as long as I can. But i guess it works differently for everyone!

Ah, I didn't put on weight - neither on injection nor on combined pill.

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