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The contraceptive injection (Depo-Provera)


Hi ladies, so I've just had an appointment with the new hospital that I've been referred too by my hospital as they are an expert in endo, so I'm feeling very disheartened, my original hospital hasn't sent them my laparoscopy notes or pictures they took! They are now going to send me for an MRI to see what's going on and said they may need to do their own laparoscopic if not happy with the originalone! I just feel like I'm starting all over again 😫 they have recommended that I go on some sort of contraception, I'm thinking of trying The contraceptive injection (Depo-Provera) and was just wondering what experience others have had on this, any advice would be great! Sorry for the long ramble 😁 x

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Hi, I have been on that injection and it didn’t work for me, I did 4 doses of it and bleed the whole time. But I have an unnatural hormone balance plus endometriosis so that’s probably why, It’s been 11 years and I’m still struggling to find the right contraception. But id say give it a ago. Open to private messages

Hope you find something that works for you

Pureunicorn in reply to lajc23

Hi thanku for ur message, sorry to hear that it didn't help u, I've booked a phone consultation with my doctors, I'm going to try the injection and see what happens, I'm just hoping it helps with the pain as my periods aren't too bad it's just the pain that I'm really struggling with, I'm taking so many pills and I just feel so tired all the time, endo really effects everything! Thanku and yes I'll private message u too x

It’s completely personal but the depo is the one that worked best for me. I had no hope with any other forms of contraception. The problem with endo is that really no one two cases are the same and it’s no curable only manageable. But stay strong and try everything suggested to you that you feel comfortable with as it’s all about find the best management for YOUR symptoms. With regards to the laparoscopy, I had 2 a diagnostic one to confirm it was endo and a second to treat, it wasn’t till the second one that was with a specialist that they seen the extent of it and realised how bad it was. 5 hours later and I instantly felt better when I woke up. Don’t be scared of a second as it’s unlikely they will use it simply for diagnosis. But most importantly don’t give up hope, I had stage 4 endo and struggled so much mentally and physically and looking back I would tell myself to keep pushing through best it gets better

Pureunicorn in reply to Ginger24

Hi thanku for ur message, it's nice to know that I can get other people's experiences, my laparoscopy was ment to be a diagnosis and treat one but when they looked it was worse then they thought (stage 4, bowel, ovaries and uterus all stuck together and couldn't see my pouch of douglas) so they referred me to another hospital who specialize in endo, now I just feel like I'm bk at square one! I'm going to try the depo and hope that that helps with my pain, just want to try and get bk to normal and bk to work full time, I just keep smiling and telling everyone I'm gine when most of the time I'm not! Not many people understand even though they do try. Hope all is going well for u now and thanku again x

Hi, the depo injection is what I am currently on and honestly, it's not helped much with my symptoms other than stopping my periods. I'm still getting the pain.

Hi thanku for ur message, I'm sorry to hear that it's not helped u, I'm hoping it at least helps with the pain, I'm taking so many pills and having so much time off work I just want to feel normal! Hope u find something that works for u x

I had depo a few year ago and it was really good. Stopped my periods and i didnt have any pain. I am on it now with the coil, it has helped ease things but im not 100% that could be because im waiting for another operation though.

Hj thanku for ur reply, they told me a list of contraception that I could try, I've decided that the depot is probably my best bet so I'm having a phone consultation with my doctor next week to ask for it, just hoping it will help with the pain as I w8 for my MRI and then more surgery! Hope all goes well for u and gd luck x

Everyone has different reactions and effects to all the meds. I really hope it helps you. They will tell you to get it done every 12 weeks, but you can have it done from 10 weeks if you monitor it and see if and when your pain levels increase. Thank you xx

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