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Hello ladies

Have any of you had the depo injection prescribed as a long term treatment for Endo? If so, what have been your experiences with it?

I have a suspected 'frozen pelvis' and am waiting for an MRI. Consultant feels it may be too difficult to do surgery as it may damage my bowel etc. I am 43 and so the depo was suggested long term to get me to the menopause.

Lots of love


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  • I had only two Depo injections - it was hideous. I gained three stone in the first few months and constantly felt like I had the flu. It also took a year for my cycles to return after the second jab. Everyone is different though :)

    Personally I'd rather take something that is easier to remove or stop!

  • I have had 1 Depo injection and the next one is due mid December. Don't know what to do because I am so fed up with always feeling crap! I still get constant pelvic pain all month but luckily no periods. Have put on weight and have terrible mood swings. I was on Zoladex before the Depo with was AWFUL and which is why I swopped to the Depo. I am beginning to think that there is nothing I can have that doesn't have side effects! Hope you have better luck than me. X

  • Thanks for your reply ladies!

    I'm so fed up with this stupid bloody disease. I do not think there is anything I can have. Wished I was a man!

  • I can't speak about it from a treatment point of view, as I used it as a contraceptive years before I had Endo. It was fine and my periods were ok with it but my hair began coming out so I stopped having the injections. Everyone is different though, so what is awful for some may be the best treatment for others. I feel your frustration honey, it's a horrible disease and I often find myself thinking "I hope I come back as a man next time round" ;-)

  • If it is depo-provera that you're talking about have you investigated the option of trying bio-identical progesterone (natural progesterone) instead of the synthetic one they use in provera which causes the side effects? If you haven't heard of it have a look at the link below:

    I am still waiting for Zoladex to get out of my system but may try this as my next option if I still feel bad. I've been reading Dr John Lee's books and it is VERY interesting.

  • i am on the depo for over a year and it been fab for me and no putting on weight at all and no period and no pain at all BUT it does make me miserable... but i am too scared to come off it as i do not want to have period again... but i know Hysterectomy is the best option but not now i wont... so depo is the only choice... so like everyone says that anyone are different and i would never go back on mini pills and they gave me horrible and awful experience... since i been on this depo and i had no probs at all but miserable and tired all the time... so hope it might work for you ok x

  • Hey,

    I was on depo for 5 years and was great! Everything settled down and I got my life back! I didnt put any weight on. I stopped it for a year and a half and periods returned as did the pain so I have been back on it for a year now with no problems.

    Everyone is different but has worked amazingly for me so glad I went on it!

    Hope you find something that works for you!

    Good luck


  • I am also 43yrs and on my 4th injection. I to have been told to get it long term. I also back it up with HRT. Both meds have been fine. No problems so far. Long may it continue.


  • The depo provera injection?

    Did you notice any side effects at all?

    Barbara x

  • Just hot flushes. That soon stopped once I started HRT. I am lucky that I haven't had any major problems with the injections or HRT. I have used the injection many times before but only for 6mths at a time.


  • Thank you for answering my questions.

    My consultant has recommended the depo injection or the GNRH injections.

    I think I prefer the depo as it seems to have less side effects and I can stay on it long term (hopefully)

    Have you tried the GNRH ?

  • It is called decapeptyl I think. I will check the box and get back to you the exact name.


  • Used Depo few years ago as birth control and it sent me absolutely mental, nearly took my own life as the depression was so bad. Was only through my own research found out Depo could be source of my issues so stopped it and got my life back but thats when endo pain started getting really bad. Taken me 5 years to get someone to take me seriously about the endo as kept getting fobbed off by GP as most women do. Had laporoscopic surgery 4 weeks ago to cut out/burn off severe adhesions and have been put on Triptorelin jabs, due my 2nd this wkend and have had no bad side effects which is what i was worried about and consultant said id have suffered some by now if it was going to be a problem. Get depressed about the thought of having this disease but nothing new there!! :)

  • Depo lupron or depo provera? Lupron saved my life. The only side effect I had was hot flashes. Provera was the worst ever. I gained 36kg, was constantly crying and I had my period for 9 months straight because the nurses told me I was crazy when I told them my side effects and wouldn't let me see the doctor until I had my second injection. It took three months to get out of my system and "normalize"

  • I have never taken the injectable Provera, but have done well for years (5+) on the tablets (3 x 10 mg per day). I preferred the tablets to the injections because of the idea that I could always stop when I would be bothered by side effects (having read many horror stories about Depo Provera). If you are not sure how you will react to Provera, the tablets might be a way to try it out without being stuck with the effects for at least a month.

    The reason I stopped the Provera was worry about bone mineral density (I am 48 and had taken Provera and other progestins for years). Otherwise I would have continued them.

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