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Mirena coil

Hi ladies,

I hope you're lol well and having a nice pain free day?

If anyone could possibly share their experiences with the mirena coil I would be so grateful!

I have my mirena fitted whilst having excision surgery for moderate endometriosis in may.

I am still suffering from endo pain quite badly on a daily basis,

Intercourse is still very very painful

My chin is covered in spots (I've always had clear skin)

My hair is falling out

I'm getting alot of headaches

Weight gain...

Im not liking the mirena alot to be honest. I'm thinking of going back on the pill as I had less hassle on that!

Last time I saw my consultants registrar (( he was brilliant! ) was June, 3 weeks after my surgery I was rushed into hospital with excruciating pain and she agreed that my endometriosis may of returned due to me bleeding very heavily. She told me to stick with the Mirena to let it settle in abit and go back to see her in 3 months time and that if there is no change then they would think about other options.

I've called them to see if I have an appointment made and they said I'm on a waiting list to get an appointment and that my consultants list is very big and I will just have to wait it out.

I've just had enough really, I am at a bsge centre too.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Deffinanty get it removed this show that your hormones are out of balance; it helps some people but doesn't help others.

My mom went on the coil and she was bleeding everyday but stopped.


Thank you for your reply :) my hormones definitely feel all over the place! I've noticed I'm feeling quite depressed too, think I'll book in to see my gp xx

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I feel your pain! I had mine in march and had migraines, headaches, acne and pain after exercise ever since.

might be worth waiting to see what your consultant thinks? Bitter experience tells me that they don't like taking them out before you've had it a year.

Could you write to your consultant to ask for advice?

Good luck xxx


Hey hun,

I'm so sorry for the late reply,

Thank you for your reply,

I am gonna write to my consultant to see what he thinks, I'm not liking it much tbh xx


Hi there,

Sounds like you're struggling with the coil - I had a similar experience when I had mine!

They'll recommend that you keep it for a few months and the side effects will settle down. But, remember it's your body at the end of the day, and if you really want it out now you can get it removed. You can go back to your GP/family planning clinic to get this done, it doesn't have to be done by your consultant..

Hope you feel better soon!


Hey hunni,

Thank you for your reply,

I went to see my consultant when I'd had it in for nearly 3 months and they said they wanted to see me at 6 months and if no better then see about different ways to go. It's now been 6 months and I'm not feeling any better, I will write to my consultant and see what he thinks, xxx


Hey I popped on here looking for some advise too as I wasn't sure if to have the coil and I actually turned it down two weeks ago.

Just on the spot thing, I tried lots of on the shelf products which didn't work and eventually mentioned it to my GP & have been given zineryt. If your spots don't clear up it could be worth seeing if you can get some, or something similar. Same as you, I have always had clear skin and it was really disheartening in my mid 20's to get spots and not be able to get a rid of them!

Hope you find hormones to suit you soon


Thank you for the advice lovely!

I will defo take your advice on board,

Again thank you! xxx


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