1st Lap successful... Now baby making decisions

I had my first lap yesterday which was very successful. My surgeon drained a large 13cm cyst and a smaller 3cm from from both overies using keyhole.

He said that apart from a little scar tissue, there are very little patches of endo and my ovaries are fine, and the dye test concluded my Fallopian tubes are "fabulous". He then asked me about going on the pill however, I told him no because me and my partner want to try for a baby.

I just wanted to know am I wrong for rejecting the pill? is it too soon to try for a baby? Does anybody know how long after lap you can start trying and what are the chances?

Thanks : )

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Hi there! I have the same questions as you :) That's amazing that your surgery went so well and that all seems fabulous :) I've just had my 2nd lap 4 days ago (ouch!!) We were told to try for a baby asap once I've recovered and if we don't conceive naturally within 3 months then to go for fertility treatment. However I am nearly 33 and this was my 2nd lap in 3 months. My surgeon said around 2 weeks post surgery we can start trying, however I remember from the last lap that I still had quite a bit of pain after 2 weeks so this may depend on your recovery process. They basically said ASAP as you are most fertile after the lap. I was however on Zoladex (inducing menopause in prep for the surgery) so I will have to wait until ovulation starts again. I hope all will go well for you and that you will feel well soon and trying to make babies :) xxx ps. I'm not what the chances are for conceiving, perhaps someone else has some stats? But I would think it depends on how bad the endo is and extent of scarring and damage to the ovaries.

Thanks Lotjie! Looks like we are recovering together! I think we will just have to start as soon as the pain decreases. Would you suggest I buy an ovulation kit and work around that? Or just try as and when? I wish you all the luck on your recovery and success on having a baby : ) xxx

Hi Colleen, it's nice to know I'm not on my own :) I think I will prob. buy an ovulation kit to make things easier. All the best with your recovery and also hope you'll conceive very soon xxx

Hi, from my own personal experience......START TRYING ASAP. I didn't and now, 18 years on from having many operations and treatments, I have had to have a total hysterectomy etc - no children of my own. I hope and pray all goes well for you dear and that you are able to have children soon. xx

Thank you so much for the advice Fordie777. I'm sorry about your experience but will definately take this on board xxx

Hi there, I'm in the same situation as yourself. I had my second lap operation on the 7th January and the consultant removed all endo present, separated bowl from womb. As I am getting married in April 2014 I am wanting to try for a baby after my special day or would I be better to start trying now as we all know there is the chance of the endo growing back? Nothing means more to me to conceive my wee one naturally! I'm glad to hear that your operation was a success and I hope all works out for you. Wish you all the best trying for a wee one, just keep thinking positive an I say when you fall pregnant it will be a special moment for you an your other half. Good luck and take care! X

Hi shelly144. I would say start trying when your ready. so if you feel now is the time then why not!! I've heard after lap is the best time because your more fertile so we are going to take full advantage of this! You never know when it will come back so better now than never I say. Wishing you all the best for your big day and good luck in trying for one of life's most precious things. Xx

Thanks colleen. Xx

Hi, I have stage 4 endo and spent over 3 years trying for a baby. I had my third lap and 2 weeks later conceived naturally with my first child (I wasn't ovulating before my lap). My advice would be just start trying as soon as you can, it's the best time to start :-)

Thanks for your info. I'm glad you were able to have a wee one :) I also have stage 4 endo. So I take it, it would be better to start trying now an not wait until after the wedding? Thanks for your advice and support xx

It's up to you but with every period things will start to grow and stick so now is probably when your body is at it's best. It did my pregnancy no harm at all getting pregnant so quickly after my lap. It's what my surgeon advised, "as soon and as often as possible"! Good luck :-)

Hi chitchat, I understand and it would be hateful to hold back an then wen trying an nothing happen you would be kicking yourself. Thank you for your advice and support again greatly appreciated. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend :) xx

Chochat I love hearing positive stories like yours! Makes me feel like there is hope : ) thanks for sharing xx

Hi! I am pondering the same questions :) Will have my 1st endometriosis lap in May and need to decide before that whether to try for babies or not - it was time to decide anyway. Good luck with your recovery and hope all goes well!

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