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1st lap nerves really kicking in!

Hi everyone, i have my first lap on tuesday and up to now i have been fine about it ( i got married last week so think that had distracted me) but now i ma really getting nervous and freaking out, I'm not sure what I'm so scared of i think its maybe getting told what i don't want tot hear as i am so desperate for a baby and worry if i get told it is really bad, when i was admitted into hospital a few weeks ago i spoke with a specialist who said he thinks it will be all over my bowel from my symptoms and i have endometriomas on my ovaries so I'm just having a freak out! Sorry I'm waffling! just wondering if anyone has any advice and for aftercare too?

thanks :)

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Dear of you! I'm waiting to have a lap and it's so hard waiting and wondering wot they fine I hope you get it all sorted!! X I will be thinking of you on Tuesday! my son has his driving test that day x


Try not to worry, it's good to be as calm as you possibly can be and although it's hard try not to think of the 'what ifs' beforehand.

In terms of tips, I would say the following:-

Take an overnight bag just in case you do need to stay in. I did for both of my laps even though it was intended for both that I'd be coming home on the day of my op.

Peppermint tea and windeaze for trapped gas.

Walk a little each day around your home and build this up gradually as you recover.

Take it easy and don't push yourself physically or emotionally further than you are ready.

Expect that it will take some time to recover and feel like yourself again. After each op I found my emotional recovery harder than the physical and had a few tricky moments emotionally. Be patient with yourself through this time.

Take sanitary towels with you and have some in at home, you're likely to have some bleeding after your op, mine was light both times.

If there's anything specific you want to ask just let us know - take care xxx


Please try not to worry! I too was worried about being told that, I had a tiny bit of endo on my left ovary and had cysts in there too. The docs said yes it might be difficult to get pregnant but there's nothing to say you can't.

A success story for you- my cousin was told she couldn't have children at the age of 28 (she just couldn't conceive a child) She was diagnosed with endo at the age of 41. She had her lap operation and within 2 months she fell pregnant! She now has a very healthy 1 year old and had not one issue with her pregnancy! Her story gives me hope and should give us all some hope. Good luck with the op, let us know how you get on x


I had my second lap last Tuesday - today is the first day I've really been out of bed for any length of time. I had endo excised from my bladder and had a cyst on my left ovary drained, and was in hospital overnight because I needed a catheter after the surgery (TBH although this sounds horrible, it really helped not having to get out of bed to go to the loo for those few hours).

It really depends how your surgery goes and also what they do during it. I had complications with my first lap and was very unwell afterwards despite the fact that none of my endo was treated. This time, I've not needed anything stronger than ibuprofen and paracetamol pain wise though I am very tired and sleeping a lot during the day. I've not had any trouble with pain from the gas. The most difficult thing has been explaining to people that the main aim of this surgery was to map the full extent of my disease and that what was removed was only a very small part of it, so I'm not actually better. Also don't be fooled by the size of the cuts into thinking this is minor surgery - it's not, and it's vital to be kind to yourself afterwards and accept that the recovery will be weeks, not days even if things go well.

If they do find extensive disease, please be aware that it most likely will not be dealt with during this surgery. You may also need to be referred to a bsge centre (if you google this, there's a list) rather than being dealt with by a general gynae. If the gynae doesn't suggest this, you can ask for it, or your GP can do it for you. These are specialist centres and having had surgery with a general gynae and then with a bsge surgeon, I can't recommend it enough.

good luck for tues. x.


thank you all so much for your replies feeling a lot better and put my nerves at ease for it! just ready to get it over with now!


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