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1st lap to remove endometrioma and possible endo on bowel

Hi all, I'm waiting for my 1st Lap, I've had suspected endo for a while but we were using conservative treatment as back to back pill was helping. In May I ended up in hospital in excruciating pain thinking it was my appendix and found out I have a 6cm endometrioma on my right ovary. Since then the pain has been up and down and my bowel movements have been all over the place. Even before this it was pain passing stools/gas on my period that led me to see a gynae but now I've got pain but also I can go for several days without passing to then needing several in a day, often I can go from constipated to very soft in the same day too. The thing that concerns me most is the amount of mucous in a lot of my movements. I have in the past had that when really constipated but now I can get it even with softer stools. Just wondering if this is normal? I'm having my lap with an endo specialist and he's got a bowel surgeon to attend too as he feels there must be bowel involvement. This is the first time I've been scared going into surgery but the risks of possibly needing a resection etc have freaked me out a bit.

For those that have had cysts and stuff off the bowels removed what was your recovery like? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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I have similar issues and am having my lap on Wednesday, I have to have a bowel prep done on Tuesday, which I hear is awful. I have had issues with my bowel for years and was diagnosed with IBS. Due to several hospital visits over the last few years, and even more in the last 6 months I was finally seen by a good gynae. I also have a cyst on my right ovary, and my gynae thinks endo on my bowel and ovaries too. I'm terrified too, and have no idea what to expect and how long the recovery time will be.


Yes I'm having a bowel prep too which I'm definitely not looking forward to, they do sound horrid.

Good look with your lap on Wednesday, I'll be interested to see how you get on and what your recovery is like.

I think it's the unknown that's the worst thing, I've had several other surgeries 3 on my hip and they were all fine as I knew what to expect what recovery was likely to be like etc. This just has too many variables. The only thing I know for sure is I have a cyst. Sounds like you're in a very similar position. X


I will let you know! Dreading the whole thing, and won't even know more until Tuesday when I meet with my consultant. I have been told to expect 2-3 days on hospital; however I think that's due to me being in Singapore and having private insurance that pays for this all! I don't think this would be the norm if I was in the UK and on the NHS.


Hope your lap goes/has gone well today and your recovery is speedy!


Thanks! It went well and good news is no endo! Lots of cysts on ovaries and Fallopian tubes, but cleared them off. So will be able to manage this with either depo jabs or an implant. Rough night last night, but luckily stayed in so they could give me pain meds. Am still sore, and it's more painful than I expected. Doc said that's because I'm fairly petite and therefore my muscles are sore because they are so close to the surface. I will keep with the pain meds and will be on hospital for the rest of today, but home tonight :) bowel prep was awful by the way! I was so dehydrated my the time I came in, and they had to give me 4 saline bags through the day. All in all a good outcome for me, and glad it will be manageable. Good luck for yours and let me know if you have any questions :)


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