1st lap - disappointed

Hi ladies. I had my first lap yesterday for diagnosis and thought I would be seeing the consultant at my hospital who specialises in endo. Was hoping especially as I think this may be in POD due to symptoms - left sided pelvic pain eminating down left leg through groin and thigh, lower back pain and pain spreading up through left side of my back. Previous US and TV scans were clear. After lap advised excess fluid was drained off my right ovary and will be sent for analysis but no endo found. What do I do now? I refused mirena coil as prefer BCP - got to go back to GP to arrange. Consultant asked to see me again in 4 months to presumably see how I'm doing on BCP as she is treating me for PCOS

Do I ask for referral to specialist or stick it out? ?

Really confused although should surely be happy they didn't find endo shouldn't I??

As always ladies your thoughts are appreciated


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I recently posted about this. I had a lap 2 weeks ago after having the same symptoms as you plus a few others. Lap showed no endo and I totally understand how you think it would be good news but I was hysterical after because I just felt like I had no answers and feel lost now! I have been referred to Gastro and for an ultrasound but not holding out much hope. I am going to my GP today and requesting a full lap report to see exactly where they looked as I suspect pod too but dont know if they checked there. I would ask for a report and find out who did your surgery and if need be get a referral to a specialist. Hope you find some answers soon, if I could afford private healthcare id be there like a shot all these referrals are just taking ages and sucks when your in pain & not able to live your life properly!


Hi Retti,

the most annoying thing at the moment is I had the opportunity to take private health care at work 18 months ago but had never been unwell at that point - oh hindsight!!

I know gynae was a general - checked this morning - really disappointed as there is a specialist in the hospital and my GP had spoken to him and I think she might feel the same as me!!

I will be asking to see the report and any photos too

Here's hoping it works out in the (not too distant future) for us both


Aw no! If only my work offered Private but I work for the NHS haha the irony! I have a feeling one of mine was a specialist so feeling pretty down in the dumps but again no one mentioned checking my bowel or pod area at the hospital. I find things are lost in translation with how many people you see and so I want to make sure they checked everywhere! I cant imagine this is a Gastro issue for me as my main symptom is pain during intercourse which started after childbirth but two Drs have said no prolapses etc so better to rule things out with an ultrasound too which I had to fight for. Ideally an MRI would show up better but cant get one :( even looked into getting one myself but from what Ive seen they cost a bomb, wouldnt have minded if it was £150ish but its like £600-800 eek!


Ouch - didn't realise they were that expensive!

Very ironic you work for NHS - surely you get a staff discount lol!

Fingers crossed - just hoping it's not adenomyosis either

Oh the joys of being a woman


I know but suppose fair is fair we have to wait like everyone! Im still looking at other private firms even if it means travelling a bit, might even try groupon for offers lol! Never know! Thats one of my concerns too, fibroids or adeno but cant believe how much I had to push for an ultrasound. Youd think with suspected endo they would look at things like that too to be on the safe side. Men have it so easy 😂!


Hello. I so feel for you as going through this myself. Had my lap at the beginning of May and was told there was no endo but my bowel was stuck to my abdominal wall. My symptoms are just getting worse so saw my consultant last week for follow up and she said I might have endo on my bowel so I am now considering hormone treatment. If the treatment works then we know it's that. But I have to put myself through a temporary menopause to find out! If she'd looked in all the right places then I may not be in this position. It is a real rollercoaster when you don't know what is going on. Hang on in there x

It sure is a minefield and hopefully we will all get there in the end. Let's just pray 'the end' isn't as long a journey as it has been for some of the ladies I've seen on here.

good luck xx

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