1st lap

so I finally got a referral to a gynecologist (after years of ridiculous diagnoses ranging from constipation to a parasitical disease) they are now sending me for a laparoscopy after having a trans vaginal ultrasound which made me cry cause it was so painful. the hospital they have referred me to though is sending me to a day surgery ward which im not allowed anyone to accompany me to, they have said no one is allowed in the waiting room with me which i could be in for several hours before being anesthetized, is this normal? im only 21 and this i dont want to be put to sleep on my own.

ive been looking at loads of posts on here today and read about the BGSE centers, ive looked this up and the hospital im being sent to is in a trust with another hospital that has one of the endometriosis centres in it, am i able to request to go there or are they likely to say no because its my 1st lap and it might not be severe or should this not matter?7

another thing i had a umbilical hernia removed when i was younger and have read that the scar from this which is just under my belly button could affect me having a lap, is this true?

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  • I've waited on my own for all the surgeries I've had, endo related and otherwise. It's really not that bad - take some books, an ipod, a tablet/laptop with some films on it and you'll be fine. Everyone there will be in the same boat. My understanding with the BGCE centres is that anyone can ask to be referred, but it's a long wait (I had a lap back in January where I was diagnosed with severe endo, didn't get referred until May, and don't have an appointment until September). Someone else might know more about this though.

  • I think it is normal to have to wait alone without a chaperone for your surgery, I had to do so for all my surgeries too. As joreilly says, just bring a book or some music and it will be fine. The one time when my husband was allowed to stay (D&C after miscarriage in Canada) he was not allowed to go down to the OR with me so either way you will have to endure the anaesthetic yourself.

    As for being referred to a BSGE, I don't know. I was referred by my GP to a BSGE as I insisted I wanted to be treated there, but I had confirmed endometriosis. I was referred by the end of April and saw the consultant by the end of May. Will have my surgery mid August so that all went far faster than I expected.

  • Hi - where in the UK are you and can you describe your symptoms across your whole cycle whether cyclical or not.

  • Hi, I'm in Bournemouth, I get heavy periods, awful pain during sex (to the point we don't anymore), lower back pain, diarrhoea and constipation, tiredness, clots in period, pain when examined, severe stomach pain comes and goes but always a steady pain and having to go to the toilet after eating.

  • What do you think?

  • Hi!! I had a lap on Monday and it was my first one and I was so worried as they told me I would be on my own. Trust me it isn't anything to worry about !!! They will reassure you when there putting uou to sleep they really do make sure your comfortable and stuff! I have noticed you have the exact same symptoms as me and surprisingly i got told I don't have endometriosis!!! They have taken a biopsy from the lining of my bowel! But that's all they have told me and I now have to wait 8 weeks for my results!!! But I have he exact same symptoms as you!! On a way I wish it was endometriosis and they could of removed it as I feel they will fob me off if my biopsy comes back normal!! Please stay calm about it and don't worry about xxxx

  • As you are in England you have a right to see any consultant team you want and your symptoms suggest that you could have endo behind the uterus that is often missed in general gynaecology. You can be referred by a GP. The BSGE requirements are that you are referred for the 'named condition' as opposed to the confirmed condidtion and many are getting referred for suspected endo. I should go to your GP and say that you have sought support on Endo UK that is recommended by the NHS and it has been suggested that your symptoms indicate possible endo behind your uterus that is often missed in general gynaecology and you want referring to a BSGE accredited specialist centre. Have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and how to find one. Come back if you have problems. x

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