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1st lap cancelled!

Hi ladies, I'm so frustrated today! After years of suffering and a lot of "I don't knows" from GPS and hospital staff I finally had my first laporoscopy yesterday. After no eating or drinking for 16 hours the doctor finally told me I wouldn't be going in for my operation! So I still don't know what's happening! I've had a constant dull ache in my lower left back and stiffness, im 24 and feel like an old lady, has anyone got any tips to ease this pain for another 2 months?

Even though they suspect endo ( month long bleeds,cramps, painful sex, nausea, frequent and burning urination) they won't prescribe painkillers until they prove it with the lap, pfffft!

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Hi Ollie, have you not had an ultra scan or mri scan? Thats what they normally do before laparoscopy. If you did and it showed you have cysts then you should ask to see your GP and explain that your operation was cancelled and you are in pain, ask for a prescription for pain killers. It is not right to wait and suffer in pain before your operation. Go and see your GP and Goodluck.


What a nightmare. GPS can be a right old pain! I use a mixture of over the counter painkillers - paracetamol, ibuprofen and co-codamol (be very careful as they can be addictive) when it gets really bad. And heat pads/hotties! I also used cranberry tablets for bladder irritation and make sure you eat lots of fibre so there is no 'back up' contributing to the pain. I hope you get seen soon, Best wishes :)


We're you given an explanation on why you were cancelled is no time left on list or no beds. If that's the case you will be rescheduled. If not and they have just decided not to do it you are entitled to an appt with the consultant for an explanation and discussion on future alternative management plan. Do not be gobbled off contact and get answers


Thanks so much for the replies! To mystyle I've had an ultrasound but they couldn't spot anything until I had a kidney one and I had cysts there (not sure if that has anything to do with endo it not) and had a cystoscopy which also showed nothing. It's really disappointing because I know there's something not right and some days I'm in so much pain and feel so low I can't go to work but I'm being made to feel like a hypochondriac!

Thanks jibbyclarke for them tips, I went out and got heating pads today and they're really easing my back which is making things a bit easier.

Miracle77 yeah the surgeon said that the surgery before mine was complicated and they had no theatre time left so after 7 hours waiting to go into surgery wearing those horrendous paper knickers haha!

To be honest I'm really tempted to go private! At one point this year I bled constantly for 8 months! Albeit sometimes heavy with cramps and sometimes spotting but it was everyday! I was prescribed 2 different tablets to stop it and they didn't even work bit yet I still havnt been in for the lap! I mean it shouldn't be this hard! I'm tired of fighting for this and would rather look at my other options that aren't the nhs!!


The exact same thing happened to me in Nov, they cancelled me at the last minute as I was just about to be taken in. They have since cancelled another operation on me as I was given someone else's date in error. Complete incompetence!!!! I am supposed to be rescheduled for the end of Jan now.

Put in a complaint about your operation being cancelled you might get a new date quicker.


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