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Bleeding with mirena coil

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I had the mirena coil fitted 2 and half years ago. It's been great, had no problems until today. Started bleeding really heavy. Is this normal?

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Hi, it can be a shock when this happens out of the blue, hope you're taking it easy. This happened to me when my Mirena shifted position, and I had to have it replaced. That may not be what's happened in your case but your GP will be able to advise. Can you get to see them, or contact the clinic where you had your coil fitted?

Take care

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Agree with handbag67 . I had ab ultrasound scan in Jan to check if mine has moved. It's still in place but at the end of it's life. (my current one was inserted in Nov 2011 and last about 5 years or me).

All the best



Intrested to hear responses had mine in a year in April. . Bled everyday for first 6 months then all was fine .. last week came on bright red quite heavy bled. Lasted 4 days just like a period 😮😮


I'm so jealous ha ha! I had mine fitted 2 years ago and have had the most insane periods, the only times my periods stopped is when I've had cysts on my ovaries. Driving me mental as it is sooo erratic, my cycle has ranged from 18 days to 80 days :(


Yes agree with handbags - this happened to me, too. It may be nothing (lots of women still menstruate with the Mirena, just less), but go to your GP to be referred, or if you can, contact the clinic where you had it fitted, if that's quicker. They may send you for a scan to double check. It happened twice to me, once after 2 years, then again after another 2 years ,and both times it was nothing, probably just some hormone fluctuation.

Take care and try to chill meanwhile - worry never helps, especially with autoimmune-ish stuff.


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