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Mirena Coil help or not help?

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Hi there, I have had keyhole surgery nearly a month ago to remove endo and adhesions and also to put mirena coil in but gynae found endo down in my rectum too 🤦🏻‍♀️. Since the surgery I have been bleeding for 2 weeks, they are not heavy but just annoying that I have to wear pads everyday. I also have cramps, migraine every now and then. I just want to know if anyone out there having mirena coil fitted and what are your experience? I know everyone's body's different but I hope there's also positive effect of it rather than what I've heard always negative. ☹️.

Looking forward to hear some of you guys..Ratih

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Hi, sorry to hear it’s causing you so much bother. I had the coil in at the same time as having endo removed and I hated it for the first month. I had constant spotting and these pains which were like contractions. It’s now been 8 weeks since i had it put in and I love it. I haven’t have any pains and the bleeding has completely stopped! It’s cleared up my skin as an added bonus and iv also been loosing weight! Try and stick it out for a while longer as a few weeks ago I was wanting it taken out and now I didn’t know I could feel this much better xx

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Hi Abbie, thank you so much for your reply and hearing good news from Mirena. Glad it works for you. I will definitely wait until it settled in my body and in January I will see my gynae again hoping it gets better and stop bleeding. Xx

Hi, it can be difficult at first. I'm so glad I preserved as it's been fantastic ever since. It kept my endo under control for ten years (until I hit menopause). If you can put up with it, your symptoms should fade over the next few months.

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Hi thanks for your reply. I hope it works the same for me too 👍🏼🙂

Everyone is so different when it comes to the coil, Iv heard so many good things but Iv heard so many bad things. I had my coil put in during my op last year in December..for me it didn't help..I left it for 9months for the hope it will settle down and it didn't so had it out and now back on the pill. The best thing to do is just try is and give it time to settle and see how it works with you cause everyone is totally different and has different opinions on it.

Good luck xx

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Hi Emma, thanks for the reply. Sorry the coil didn't help you. At least you have tried it. And you know your own body better. I will patiently wait until at least a year if it still does not help try other solutions 🙂. Xx

Hi there,

i have not been formally diagnosed with endo yet but as a first step to manage my symptoms I got the mirena coil fitted after being on the pill for many years (which my body could not stand anymore at the end) and trying the copper coil (I did not know anything about endo at the time!).

The first few months were a bit annoying as I used to have a very regular cycle on the pill and the copper coil, which was not the case with the Mirena, I had lots of spotting but after 4 months it has stopped, I have my period a bit irregalurly but it's much much lighter now, however it last longer than the copper coil (5 days vs 8 days on the mirena).

Unfortunately for me, it has not got rid of the pain, the only plus is that the pain is less frequent during the day, but it's in itself more intense than it used to be. I don't know if it's down to the mirena or just the potential endo that keeps progressing...

l would give it a good go, I remember saying to the nurse who fitted my two coils, worst case scenario we can always take it out, it takes 30 seconds and that's it.

Good luck!! Xx

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Hi Maloushka, thanks for your reply. Glad the coil make it a little bit better, and sorry that you still have the pain. It might be down to endo but again you have to check it by having laparoscopy. Sometimes I feel so unlucky as it's has been 20years and the pain is still there and won't go away. I guess I'll just wait and see hoping this will be my last and won't be needing another operation.

I will definitely wait for a year and see..

Good luck to you too xx

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MaloushkaPat in reply to Rdraper

No problem at all! And yes I am aware about the lap, actually, if I'm not better by December my consultant will go and do the lap to get a formal diagnosis. I don't think I'll get any better by then so in a way I can't wait for it. I have been lucky as I have not been in pain for that long as my pill used to "mask" the symptoms for years but now the pain is delibitating to the point that I have to take more and more days off work and I am in pain on a daily basis!


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Rdraper in reply to MaloushkaPat

Hi yes, it's better to get diagnosed soon rather then later. At least you certain what cause you the pain. It's so annoying isn't the pain. I have to take pain killers everyday ☹️😰. Which is not nice. Oo well I guess keeping the pain manageable that's what I can do. 🙂X

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