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Can you still have lap if your on your period?

Hi ladies.

I have my pre assessment on the 16th Jan and my lap on the 29th. For the last three months my periods have been all over the place and I seem to be bleeding more often than not. I was just wondering if you can still have a lap if you are bleeding. At my gynae appointment she said they wanted to do a diagnostic lap and if endo found to treat and also fit mirena coil. I'm assuming fitting the coil while on wouldn't happen, would it?

I would be very grateful for any advice.

Thank you x

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Yes you can still have a laparoscopy while having a period. I have had a lap done while I was bleeding and some doctors actually feel it's beneficial to see the Endo.

I'm sorry I do not know about the insertion of the mirena though. I'm sure one of the other ladies will know.

Good luck with your lap.



Yes mirena can go in when you are on your period. I was having a period when I had my major op - and have biopsies taken and a smear done and a mirena put in and whole heap of things done both inside and outside the uterus - and as cuddybarb said for the point fo view of hunting down the sites of active endo - much much easier to spot those when they are active and bleeding than when they are shut down due to drug treatments etc. And the more of them they find and remove - the better it is for your battle with endo.

Operations are bloody and messy anyway - it won't make huge difference whether you re having a period or not in messyness termsn - as any procedures done in the cervix uterus etc during the op will cause bleeding afterwards anyway - so the surgical team fit you with a sanitary towel in your paper knickers in theatre and you would need those for a few days afterwards too most likely. If you normally use tampons then get some thick towels in for the few weeks after the op. Tampons are not to be used after a surgery and probably best avoided for a period or two afterwards as well, till you are properly healed from any biopsies etc. Just to avoid infections and adding to your pains.


Thanks Cuddlybarb and Impatient.

I'm pleased it will go ahead regardless. I thought it would just be my luck it gets postponed because of period and end up back of the que. When I think about it, it does make sense it would be easier. Well I am a true Yorkshire lass, strong in the arm and thick in head lol.

Thanks once again and I hope your both as pain free as possible. x


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