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Second Lap On The 5th April


Hello, I have been given a date for my second op, I had my first lap in 2005ish and they found and treated endo on my filopian tube. They said it was the lowest stage. I was good for 2 years but the pain came back a few years ago and worse this time. The thing is I am so scared, more scared than last time and my head is playing tricks on me and i don't know whether it's a good thing to do or whether i should forget about the op and find other ways to cope with the daily pain. I have all the symptoms this time except the bleeding. I have a coil.

I have bloating, pain in my stomach and legs and groin and back, headaches, constipation, pain when i wee and fatigue.

Any stories about you ladies having second op and any opinions would help. Thanks ladies!

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I have had two laps and I found I was able to be far more relaxed about my second one as I knew what to expect. Mine were only 16 months apart though, I understand your apprehension after 12 years. Do you know what particularly causes you to feel anxious about it? Xxx

Soph1990 in reply to Hidden

Hello , thanks for the reply, i got my dates muddled it must of been 2010 ish. Iv developed really bad anxiety about ops...Iv put on weight since then due to the pill and I'm worried about not making it through, or having side effects. It sounds stupid but that's how my anxiety works. I had an op to remove my wisdom teeth in January and had anesthetic and was worried. It seems like each time i go into hospital my anxiety about it gets worse.

I'm also worried they won't find anything and i will just have to live with this pain so it will all be a waist of time.

Lovisa in reply to Soph1990

I'm due my 3rd op soon and I have same fear about them not finding anything and it'll be a waste of time for them. I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 08 then had another op in 2011 "I think" Had another lap last year Dec for something else but didn't see my surgeon afterwards so I couldn't ask her if there was still endo. I'm pretty sure this is a common fear for most of us xx

I am so sorry you feel that way. I've had my second lap 2 weeks ago. I was a little bit nervous on the day but had to wait so long during the day that I became bored instead.

When I was feeling nervous I turned my thoughts on how grateful I was to be treated and how confident I felt in my consultant. Everyone was so kind. I ended up staying on a ward that night and i enjoyed the experience but I had to remind myself to see it as an experience as I was initially devastated not to be able to go home. After the surgery I was told what was done and that some endo was found on my upper abdomen, near the liver and diaphragm which was a great relief to hear as I have bad pains around that area and was sent for scans for gallstones, given medicine for indigestion, constipation. I know now it's the endo but also I have to be careful on what I eat to avoid the pains. I also unexpectedly received my surgery notes which is great to understand.

Do you have anyone you can talk to to help you feeling calm about it? Maybe call your consultant's secretary and ask to speak to your consultant. I did that and the secretary asked me to send her an email that she passed on, following that he called me and we changed my surgery (I was booked for an endometrial ablation for heavy period but I experienced some excruciating pains so we discussed and he changed it to a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy). I found that phone call extremely reassuring. You could discuss your concerns with the consultant and perhaps decide not to go through with it. When you feel scared about the surgery perhaps think about your symptoms and how great it would be if they could find out what it is and that they will ease but if they don't put a post op plan in place such as eating plan, relaxation.

Do you have the mirena coil? It can give some bad side effects to some women.

sp123452017 in reply to Uma17

This was a great way to look at it as an experience.

I've got my op in 4 weeks and feel really worried too as I've got a hydrosalpinx and endo over tubes

Can't take my mind off it x x

Soph1990 in reply to sp123452017

Good luck with your op! X

sp123452017 in reply to Soph1990

Thank you xxxx

Soph1990 in reply to Uma17

Hello, thanks for your reply! Iv been discussing it with my fiancee, he is a great support but as much as he and my family can be there for me it's my body so my decision.

I have my pre op on Wednesday so will discuss all my worries with my doc the and see if that can calm me a bit.

Yes it's the marina coil...I was doing ok on the pill, i initially lost weight on it as well but then put it all and more back on so the doc took me off it and fitted the coil which was excruciatingly painful but it's stopped the bleeding.

Could it be the coil making my symptoms worse?

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