negative lap can i still have endometriosis?

Ive all the symptoms of endometriosis and im on the pill back 2 back have been for 4years plus. I had lap that was negative can i still have endo. Ive been on all different pills injections coil ive just had a major flare up and im convinced its my endo but they are telling me its ibs. yet all my symptoms and the fact my pain is in my pelvic area no where else make me wonder. any help would be grateful. many thanks.

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I'm in the same boat. I'm convinced that I have endo but my lap came back as normal. Apparently it's not unusual for endo to be missed as it can be microscopic and difficult

to detect. X

Thats what i was told that it could be so small but cause loads of pain. just frustrating when you see others stories and i just wish i could see a gp or somebody that doesn't think its all in my head or blame my ibs when actually its my endo. x

I know, I feel the same. I hope you get answers soon x

What other tests have you had?

ive had laposcopy, ultra sounds both outside and internal, bloods, mri, all come back negative or whenever i seem to have a big attack of being in pelvic pain and have to go a&e for morphine my bloods come back with my white cells being very high. i have all the symptoms of endo just nobody can actually find it :s

Ask for a cystoscopy. Symptoms of IC are very similar to endo in terms of chronic pelvic pain.

Hormonal problems could be a hormonal imbalance.

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