On and off bleeding after lap

Hi Ladies, I'm 13 days post lap. For the first 5 days I bled quite heavily, then it tailed off to light spotting then last 3 days nothing. I did quite a bit yesterday, around the house and went for a little walk. (First time out of the house) today I'm bleeding again. Not sure if it's because I have over done it, just wondered what experience you had after lap?

I am not sure if I should be worried, I called hospital last week about the bleeding and got made to feel a bit silly for asking. I am on microgynon back to back so it shouldn't be menstrual.

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  • Oh dear Adele, it never ends does it?! I bled and then spotted for the first two week followed by quite a heavy period and now everything has settled down. However, i am not on the pill so unfortunately cannot say whether or not your bleeding is anything unusual or not.

    I have now developed quite bad sciatica. So am now laid up again popping a ridiculous number of pills. What will it be next i wonder lol. Hope you get to the bottom of it my lovely.

    Kirsty xxx

  • Yeah its pretty rubbish really ! I am going to see how I get on and then call hospital tomorrow if I don't improve. Sciatica can be horrid so I hope you improve soon xx

  • Cheers. My main worry is that i have sciatica but no back ache! My gp however doesnot seem to be concerned by this!!!!

  • I described to me gp that it felt like sciatica though no back pain I thought it was the cyst causing the nerve damage down my leg and groin gp agreed so precriplbed ME gabapentin for it and it worked for first two weeks now it's doesn't xxxxx

  • Oh ok. Well i know for sure that my gp knows nothing about endo so if it doesnt improve i will go back to the endo clinic and see what they say! Thanks x

  • Poor you then making you feel silly I haven't had lap though on back to back pill and the bleeding as been horrendous and I'm being made out like its normal no it ain't normal so off to gp again I go later today xxxxx

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