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Fissure post op pain

Hi ladies. I have had two fissures for the last year as a result of the constipation from painkillers post lap. I have been in agony for a year. 12 daya ago I had a sigmoidoscopy and botox in the fissures and told to takes lots of fiborgel, which I have. I have been a bit sore but all in all so much better since, until yesterday. After a BM yesterday around 11am I have been in agony ever since as if the fissure has split (sorry). I was bleeding for a while and usually when this has happened in the past it's eased up after a couple of hours but it was so bad i ledt work early and had to get a cab home instead of the tube. I could barely sit down and had a whole new range of pain. Sort of stabbinv in and outside my bum as well as the spasms. I could even feel it in my sleep last night and still hurts nearly 24 hours later. Is this normal post surgery or should i be popping back to the hospital? Thanks ladies. Any advice welcome xx

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Call the ward where you were placed after your surgery- there should be a phone number of the hosp discharge letter. Ask them if they want to see you again, or if they can advise how best to deal with this. Fissures are painful anyway- so I can well imagine how sore this must be for you. OUCH !!!

Cyber hugs to you- not nice at all. Get well soon


prune juice, every night, start with 2 ounces, continue to add an ounce a night until you get to regular daily bm's, Dried plums work as well, but you have to stay consistent. They help without adding bulk which can make bms more painful


Hello there. I've also suffered terribly with fissures and had a botox injection into the muscle. I was advised to take fibrogel but I found it actually had the reverse effect on me and bunged me up. Movicol worked much better for me.

Hope you feel better soon


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