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Post op problem

Hi, as a few of you know I am currently recovering from a bowel resection and from further surgery to fix internal bleeding.

I have generally been doing fine, and not been in too much pain. My bowel has gone into overdrive, but I was told this might happen (and it should settle).

Unfortunately, I also showed signs of infection whilst in hospital so was taking antibiotics until Saturday. I think they give them anyway.

The problem is I have had awful pain the last 2/3 days. It feels like I am being stung on my insides. It is intermittent but means walking is agony.

I had my bloods done yesterday, they showed slightly elevated crp and a high white blood count. The doctor said she will redo my bloods in a week to see if they had settled as I only stopped my antibiotics on Saturday.

I am just worried about the pain, as it is completely different to what I have experienced previously and has gotten worse. Any thoughts/similar experiences?

Obviously with all the problems I have had it has made me concerned.



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Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know, but perhaps if your bowels are in overdrive your tissues are feeling a bit raw with all the action! It's good you've been to the GP and they are keeping an eye on you, I do hope it improves soon.x


Thanks for your reply.

It was more my front than my bowel. But I have internal stitches/staples, stitches in my cervix and I had a drain in my stomach so it's probably not uncommon.

Thankfully, I feel a lot better today! I think I was being a bit paranoid after everything that has happened.



Glad to hear it's settled a bit x

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Hi Hun, I had an internal bleed after surgery in March. Fortunately in my case it stopped by itself so I didn't need to have further surgery but did have to have a blood transfusion. Was also on antibiotics for two weeks afterwards . I was also on iron tablets , which I had to stop after two weeks due to bad reaction( was supposed to be on them for a month).

I also had work done on my bowel although I didn't need a resection in the end. I too initially had that raw stinging like pain but it has now settled down . Bowel is now so much better than I can remember it being for a long time.

It just takes time but it should ease with time. If things get to bad just give your consultants secretary a call a see if they can offer any advise or maybe fit you in just check all is ok.

Hope your recovery goes well.

Take care.


Thanks for your reply.

It must be more common than I think then. I had an internal bleed last time I had surgery too, but it was found at the time and blood was transfused. This time it wasn't picked up until I started to get v ill. They had to then remove the blood during emergency surgery and transfused 5 units of blood.

I had bowel surgery last time (removal from uterus and shaving), removal of endo from USL, removal of adhesions and removal from POD. But I never had pains like that which is why I was worried. Glad to hear someone else has had a similar experience.

Thinking about it I have internal stitching, stiches in my cervix and I had a drain in my stomach which is now healing so is probably not suprising.

Thankfully, I feel a lot better today! And a lot less paranoid lol. I have another check up on Monday.



Hi Hun, glad you're feeling a bit better today. Yeah I had a drain to. It was only after that was removed that I started bleeding internally. Up until that point drain was pretty much empty.

I had TAH, BSO and excision. Bowel and uteras were badly stuck to uterus. The adhesions were constricting my bowel.

Surgeon said it took an hour to to cut through adhesions to get to uterus. .

Still getting random pains which I'm now thinking is nerves reconnecting.

Look after yourself Hun.


Its awful the things we have to go through!

Thanks, you too :)

D x

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