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Upset tummy post op

Hi ladies

Not the most pleasant of posts, but I had my Lap a week yesterday and all was going well until (with going the toilet) couple of days ago where ever since I've had an upset tummy and suffering quite bad at the minute with aches on top of upset tummy. (Trying not to be crude sorry ladies) I was just wondering if this happened to anyone else post op?

Also a little rant, I hate that it takes 2 months for a post op appointment, I'm nervous as it is and I want to know what they found and what can be done about it. Waiting two months is killing me!!

Hope you're as well as can be & having a pain free day xxx

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I was the opposite way post lap so can't advise on that sorry but might be best to speak to your doctor about it?

Your GP should receive a Theatre letter from hospital with the results of your lap. You could ask your GP for a copy xxx


Hi LoliLou, I definitely suffered with my stomach post-surgery, I was quite constipated (sorry but us ladies with endo get it don't we!) for a short while then it went the other way and I had pain too.

The wait is very frustrating, my wait was meant to be 6 weeks but I had an appointment letter for the following week..went along, still recovering and panicking it was something sinister, only to discover the appointment was sent as a clerical error and I wasn't meant to be there at all 😩That wasn't fun!

Lots of luck with your recovery, I found mint tea helpful with tummy problems xx


It's early days yet Hun your bowels can be a bit sore just from moving them about in the lap. Better to poop than not to poop and there is a few bugs going round as well. Believe me they are cancelling ops for people who could die any momoent on NHS so it's really bad . See your gp in meantime . 2 months not too bad Have u much pain or is it just the upset tummy going to loo a lot. I'd let it happen if I was u but if it gets too much in terms of quantity or pain see gp best of luck. Ive had hysterectomy.


Ps I didn't even get offered a post op appointment even after hysterectomy just discharged!!!


Oh carol that's awful!

I do get pain but it's what I've always just regarded as IBS pain however visited gp yesterday for another matter and she's said she no longer thinks It's IBS now it is confirmed I have Endo! I seem to be managing it okay so far, it's just after I eat like my body is rejecting the food!

Hope you're well xxx


Hi I had blocked tummy so to say the first few days then it went the other way like you I'm 5 weeks now after my op and still got an upset tummy hoping it settles soon


Oh my gosh Amy, if not please do go and get that checked up on! Thankfully I'm only on day 4 of an upset tummy but it's whatever I'm eating seems to give me what I've always known to be IBS pains and then I have an upset tummy. Xxx


Yep, similar issues with tummy after surgery. Take it easy, eat foods that make it easier for you and if needed take something to help things along. Make sure you drink lots of water.

Depending on what was removed and from where, you may find it takes a while to settle.

I have found a diet high in veg with less bread etc helps me keep pain down. I had allergy tests done a few years ago and wheat came up as an intolerance. It's an inflammatory and endo is an enflamatory disease. May help you going forward.

Hope you feel better soon. X


Hi, yes well I haven't gone for the tests but I've noticed bread is an issue for me so have now moved on to gluten free bread and that seems to have helped! Think I am going to stick to a FODMAP diet until I see a GP or my consultant post op. I'll definitely take your advice with a high veg diet so thank you!xx


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