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Anal symptoms? Desperate for a diagnosis!

Sorry if this is TMI and long!! Does anyone else get severe pain when going for a BM, like a sharp stinging/burning pain in the anus/rectum which then lasts a few hours? And also some itching. Sometimes i also get a sharp pain in my abdomen right before I go (this last happened on my period). I also get a couple of cramps a day. I also suffer with constipation if I so much as deviate slightly from my high fibre, fruit and veg diet by having a bag of crisps and a couple of biscuits. I have to take stool softeners daily too.

I’ve been dealing with what I thought were fissures for 8 years now, constantly, since I was 16. I’ve been seeing a colorectal surgeon for the past year and 4 of the times I’ve seen him he hasn’t been able to see any fissures and doesn’t know what’s causing my pain. The other times he has seen a very small fissure and I’ve had Botox for it twice but this didn’t get rid of my pain, although he said the Botox ‘healed me’. He discharged me and I asked to be referred back. When I saw him next it had opened back up (pain felt no different to when he said I had healed??) and I was scheduled to have surgery, but when I woke from the general anaesthetic i was told I didn’t have the operation as I was healed. I didn’t feel healed (again!) and still a month later I’m having pain. I saw him last week in agony and he said he can’t see anything wrong with me and that my fissure was still healed. Cue lots of tears of frustration from me!

Basically what I’m wondering is could this be endometriosis? Ive recently seen my GP for gynae symptoms that she thinks could be endo (severe pain during sex, and pain during urination). These symptoms started in the same year as my anal symptoms. She’s referred me to hospital but my apt isn’t for another 7 weeks. I’m wondering whether my anal symptoms started as endo and the pain of that has caused me to tense up and/or be constipated and that has caused fissures over time and for the past 8 years I’ve been living in a combined world of endo and fissure pain that has become indistinguishable. I just don’t understand how I can be in so much pain yet my surgeon can’t see anything. I also have a skin tag where fissures have tried and failed to heal over the years so I’m wondering whether this is contributing to my discomfort.

Again sorry this is TMI but I need to explain my symptoms to try and get some help haha!

Hoping there’s someone out there with similar symptoms cos this is rough 🤞🏻

Thanks in advance xx

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It is definitely possible that you could have endo as some of your symptoms are similar to mine, although I must point out that I haven't been diagnosed but my endo specialist strongly believes I have it and I'm currently on the waiting list for a lap. I should also say that some symptoms of endo doesn't necessarily mean you have it as there are a few conditions that sometimes present the same, although given the fact you haven't got anywhere in identifying the cause for your pain I'd say a lap would benefit you cos even if you don't have endo at least you can rule it out x


Hi Lizzy thanks for your reply, yeah I’ll def be pushing for a lap when I have my appointment xx


Good luck xx

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You have very similar symptoms to me by the sound of it! I had a fissure diagnosed years ago, so more recently when I started getting severe rectal pain and bleeding when I went to the toilet during my period, I just thought there was some random hormonal change that brought it on and suffered through it for almost two years. This was long before I noticed any other signs of endo.

When I did pick up on other signs of endo and my doctor put me on the pill, I ended up experiencing rectal pain and bleeding everyday and sharp pain in my abdomen just as you describe. I had no idea what was going on.

I had a lap and endo removed from my pelvis three months ago and immediately noticed the rectal pain and bleeding was no longer an issue. My endo was actually not that severe, but the pain I was experiencing in the months before my surgery was everyday and was horrendous.

Even now, after the lap and having a mirena inserted, I wouldn't say everything is peachy...

I would def say there is a chance the pain you are experiencing could be related to endo. I totally feel for you, I know what it's like to have all these random pains and have no idea if they are related or no idea what to tell the GP etc.

You are not alone! I hope you find some relief soon, Good luck! xxx


Hi thanks so much for your reply! It’s nice to know I’m not alone although I wouldn’t wish these symptoms on anyone! I’m glad you found some relief after having a lap and getting a diagnosis, here’s hoping they find it in me and can do something about it, I’d just love a reason for the pain at this point! Xx

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Hey, I went to my Gynae the other day and she said that in regards to pain/ constipation etc it may also be related to high tone pelvic floor dysfunction - I did some research and it sounded very likely for me! you may want to read up on it :) all the best!


Oh yes the pain is unbearable.


Sure is :(


Know it’s not much help and others may have said but if u have endo near your bum that can cause inflammation which will could be the cause. I have some removed round behind my cervix near my bum and since my op have had anal pain I never had before. It could be the endo causing I flamation and nerve pain. “Could” hopefully not. In saying that it seems maybe you suffer from constipation?? That will cause internal pain as well due to tenderness and inflammation. Hope u get an answer for this soon. It sucks having pain in the bum


I had the same, started getting a lot rectal pain, and it was actually a lot worse some days from the pain I was getting from the endo cyst. Made numerous trips to the doctors and no one really gave me an explanation. It was only when I had my laparoscopy done, and the surgeon following day told me my rectum and cervix were stuck together as well as other things. But that explained all the rectal pain I had been getting. So you could quite possibly be getting symptoms because of endo that you dont know you have, which was the case with me.

I know how horrible it can be, hope you’re feeling better soon x


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