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Post op pain???

Hi ladies, looking for a bit of advice. I had surgery to excise endo 3 weeks ago today. Before the surgery I had a lot of right side pain, especially when trying to open my bowels or bladder (like a pulling sensation from the adhesions, I think). This is my 4th lap. The pulling sensation has gone and nearly all other pain except this stabbing pain in my right - approximately at my hip bone. It radiates through to my back and down my leg. Dr thinks it may be nerve pain but it started 2 weeks post surgery when I ovulated and hasn't eased since. I don't think it ovulation pain - maybe just a coincidence there? I am also still bleeding. Although it has lessened to a lightly bloodied (mucousy) discharge. Sorry for the TMI.

What do you think. Nerve pain, or something else?

Also, don't know if this is relevant, but the pathology report said they found a ball of raw nerve endings wrapped up in a big ball of Endo, covered in adhesions. They thought this strange, but didn't mention why.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice! LXx

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Hi Leve,

I have exactly the same pain that you are describing and had surgery a few months ago to remove my appendix and to untangle my ovaries. The pain seems to vary according to my cycle and also moves around to my back. I'm very concerned about this but have been told to give it six months to let it settle and to see if we can conceive.

I personally think it's on my intestine and that it flares up at various points in my cycle.

Hope you get some answers.


Hi leve03,

I'm 3 weeks post lap now, I had endo burnt off from my left and right uterosacral ligaments.

I had my periods at the time of my lap. I have had on and off pain for the last couple of weeks now... in the same place I had before but this time the pain is much sharper. Sunday I had a lot of cramping and started bleeding lightly and old blood, but was also very mucasy. My sister says she gets this when ovulating and it would be my time to ovulate so have put it down to this. But the pain was horrendous and the cramps very sharp.

I'm back at work and yesterday morning woke up with back ache. By the time I was on my way to see my 1st patient I 2 as in agony! I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying as every bump I went over hurt! And it was soooo sharp like I was being stabbed in my side. I the got naseous and had an upset tummy... The pain killers kicked in and that coupled with opening my bowels and warm heat packs seemed to help the pain to ease... but I felt bruised all day.

I still have adenomyosis and will need a hysterectomy.

Now I don't know of this is just where everything is healing and if this will settle down or of this is what I'm going to be left with. I always struggle from ovulation to period so these next couple of weeks will be intresting .

I have been reading up about post lap recovery and the do say it can take 6 weeks for things to settle down... so I guesse I have a few more weeks to wait and see... let hope for both of us it's just a matter of waiting for the internal wounds to heal.

The fact that they found verve wrapped up in the endo does make me wonder though if you may have some nerve damage from this.... If they have found nerve endings in the endo those nerves would have had to be cut? When are you seeing your gynea for a catch up?

It may be worth contacting them to ask him his thoughts as you are still in a lot of pain and would like to know the best way to treat this pain as if it's nerve damage there are different pain Meds to help with this... He may be willing to part with the information earlier?

Good luck xx


Um... sorry about all the typos! It's too early and I'm dog tired and sitting here typing this on my phone while waiting for my coffee to brew.... x


Hi ladies,

Thanks so much for your replies! I'm sorry you're both having this same horrible pain! I am hoping that it will settle down the further post op I get, but then part of me is terrified i'll be left with it and then have to get another op sooner rather than later.... And that just means more adhesions, so it's a catch 22.

I'm going to TTC so don't want to be taking any more drugs to help the pain (I'm trying to get off the stuff I'm already on)!

I'm seeing my consultant on Monday so I'll post an update after if he has any answers!



Like the other person, I had my op 6wks on Monday. I have been in agony in the same place. I saw my endo consultant last Wednesday. He confirmed it was where he had shave and manipulate the uterosacral ligament (to also put womb back in place). I have been put on diclofenac along with co-drydamol and it's helped. But still struggling to walk and I have attempted to drive today. (I need get back work asap but it's 50mins drive away).

I hope you get some answers.



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