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Post-Op Stitches

Wonder if someone could give me a bit of advice... I had my 3rd laparoscopy 3 weeks ago yesterday (21st December) & as usual had dissolve-able stitches. The stitch on my belly button came out at the beginning of last week but the other 2 are holding fast - the one at my bikini line won't budge, but I'm not too worried about that one as it isn't sore or anything, although the other stitch to the left is quite red & has gotten quite sore over the last couple of days!

Just wondered if anyone has any advice - I don't want to book an appointment just to be told it's fine etc and sent home - should I give it a few more days & see how it goes? I know I haven't got a temperature so I don't think it's infected...

Thanks ladies! xx

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I would make an appointment with the practice nurse at your GPs surgery. They will be able to remove the stitches for you. Although they will eventually dissolve themselves in time, my consultant says it is more comfortable to have them removed. They should be fine to be removed any time after 5 days post op. sometimes if they are left in you get a local skin reaction to the suture. I hope it all settles down for you soon. x


Thanks for replying :-) I think I will try and get an appointment this week, as it is getting quite sore... Bit dubious about having stitches out, as I've never had to have it done before! :-s



Hi mine did that and got quite inflamed. My practice nurse had them out in seconds


Mine didn't dissolve and I had them removed at my 5 week post op check. It literally took 5 seconds and didn't hurt at all 😊


Hi, the same thing happened to me, the one on my right side went really red and inflamed then I remembered at the hospital they gave me a number for my local wound clinic I rang and got an appointment the next day.

The nurse said there was a huge knot in my stitch and the wound couldn't heal over it so she cut it out and put a dressing over the top to help it heal. It honestly didnt hurt and felt much better after. If you haven't got a wound clinic near you I would ring your doctor and the nurse should be able to do it for you xx


Thanks for all your replies ladies :-)

I rang the hospital where I had the op done today & they told me to pop over, so went there & they decided to take the stitches out on both wounds, as they looked like they would end up infected soon otherwise!

Bit painful on the one that was already sore, but all done in a matter of minutes & popped a little dressing on until tomorrow..

Glad I didn't wait too much longer! :-) xx


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