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I'm having my Mirena coil hopefully taken out today after nearly 5 years. I'm feeling anxious as I had it fitted for my endo as a last resort. I haven't liked the effects that the coil has had on me but I'm worried that I won't cope with the symptoms after as I've not had a period in nearly 5 years. Please can I have some advice on what I'm likely to expect. Many thanks.

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  • Hi there, sorry I didn't have any advice but my consultant has just recommended that I have the mirena coil fitted. Can I please ask what your side effects are/were? Thanks

  • Hi Everyone is different however I found I had awful mood changes but I also had these when I was on the pill. I have gained a little weight but I'm not 100% sure that is from the coil. I'm interested to see if anything changes over the next 6 months as I had it out. The benefit for me was it was great not having periods was soooooo good but I just didn't feel myself. I will see how I go. If nothing changes and my endo gets worse I would certainly get one put back.

  • I hope you managed to get the mirena removed ok. How was it? I have had mine for six and half years and it needs removing but scared.

  • I,m hoping you ladies with long term Mirenas fitted were advised they only have a 5-6 years life span and then they need to be changed or removed. You have to decide wether you want endo pain, period pains mood swings etc etc or another Mirena fitted, or a pregnancy! the makers do make better ones as time goes on.

  • Please don't be scared I was really anxious and built myself up but it was absolutely fine. I had a smear test then my doctor removed my coil so quick I didn't realise she had done it. I was so surprised as I was really worrying. Trust me you will be fine.

  • Hi Jsc can I ask you do you want periods anymore? is your family complete or not started yet? How many years young are you? What did you try before you had Mirena fitted? as a retired gynae theatre nurse I might be able to advise help on alternatives.

  • Hi yes my family is complete. Before the mirena I tried different pills I did have some endo removed and was left with small amounts. I don't mind having periods as long as they are not unbearably heavy. I am 33 now.

  • CAZ-54 any advice would be very helpful. Thanks.

  • At 33 IF you are against another Mirena then ask family planning doctor about YOUR safety using a low dose pill back to back,no periods,no ovulation,,I doubt the Mirena caused weight gain its possible your appetite got better when the pain subsided. The pill might put you weight on! Try another mirena for a couple of months it can be removed anytime if it isnt right.with ovaries suppressed endos normally stops spreading as its hormone release that spurs it on,hence during pregnancy and at menopause it stops..good luck our friend

  • You can ask to have coil put in and removed under a general anaesthetic. It's a day case job. Most gynaecologists are happy to do this especially if you have endo.

    I had mine out after four years as it caused infections and autoimmune issues. Periods came back within a few weeks but were less painful and heavy.

  • Thanks Songbird63. I had mine out at the docs it was actually so quick I didn't realise she had done it. Can I ask a question did you have really heavy bleedimg straight after? My doctor told me I would have some spotting for the next 24 hours then a period in about 3 weeks. However as soon as I got home I have been bleeding very heavily with massive clots (sorry for the detail) just wondered if that is normal. Thanks.

  • Yes I had some bleeding but not clots and it wasn't as heavy as my periods had been. Perhaps you should call your GP.

  • Hi

    After my 2nd Mirena, I had dreadful bleeding for 25 days straight with large clots. Thankfully it did end! I been told by others they experienced the same kind of thing too including clots. Please know this happens & I was told it was ok by GP.

  • Hi

    After my 2nd Mirena, I had dreadful bleeding for 25 days straight with large clots. Thankfully it did end! I been told by others they experienced the same kind of thing too including clots. Please know this happens & I was told it was ok by GP.

  • Thanks Jessie. I spoke with my doctor today and she said not to worry unless it doesn't reduce. Did you feel better not having the coil?

  • I was actually much much better with the coil, had 10 yrs of no bleeding or pain with it was bliss! Had my last one removed as time was up & I'll be 46 this year so couldn't face having the hell of a 3rd inserted. Looking into a mini pill eventually once body has settles a bit

  • Hi - it seems to be suggested that once you have your mirena taken out you should change to back to back contraception and that this will stop your endo. This is very bad advice. It is well documented that the contraceptive pill can mask the progression of endo and result in deep endo down the line. You have had the mirena in for 5 years and say you had some endo removed and some was left in. When was this and where was endo found, how was it treated and where was it left in? Do you have the lap report sent to your GP? The fact that some was left in suggests that it may have been deep and beyond the skill of the surgeon to remove it.

    There is no guarantee that contraceptives suppress the ovaries sufficiently to stop endo from progressing because endo produces oestrogen within its own cells to feed itself by a process that is not affected by ovarian activity. It has been said above that endo stops at menopause but again this is not true. For some women it will lay dormant after menopause but this is likely to depend entirely how advanced the endo is and thus how developed this means of feeding itself is. It is well documented that endo can continue after either natural or surgical menopause and it is the treatment of the endo that matters and not suppression of the ovaries that may mask any continuing progression.

    I think probably this is the time to reassess your endo in the light of any symptoms that develop so that you can take stock and have thorough treatment as you enter this next chapter.

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