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Post surgery exhaustion!! Help!

Hi Ladies,

Had my abdo surgery on 27th August, to drain cysts (they couldn't remove) and biopsy ovary as one was not typical endo cyst. It was proper open surgery not laparoscopy and the difference in my post op recovery this time is unreal. I've had several laparoscopies in the past and been fine and back to work within a week, but I'm now 7 weeks post op and never been so tired in my life! I've been back to work for a week and it's so hard! I've went from having lots of pain but normal energy levels to being pain free (thank god) but exhausted.

Has anyone else experienced this??

I'm on Prostap and starting Livial also but worrying about all the long term issues of having this treatment repeatedly. This is 3rd time since 2008! I'm now stage 4! So is it worth it???

Any advice would be awesome.


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No wonder you are exhausted. My laparotomy was in the July and i wasn't recovered till almost x-mas, that was just operation soreness. My bladder took 17 months

and overall I didnt start to pick up in energy levels for two years. Even now it doesn't take much activity to wipe me out for the rest of the day.

I have yet to find any way to boost the energy levels, everything I try just leaves me even more shattered in the attempt. Wish I had better news but it will get a bit better over time but I cannot guarantee you will ever get back to the wide awake levels of a few years ago.

Endo and exhaustion go hand in hand.


Hi just sent you a message before I saw your post, but my first laparotomy to remove cyst over 15 years ago now, I was quizzing my mum as I couldn't remember but she said I went back to uni after 2 months but only did half days as was too exhausted and would go home for afternoon nap! She thinks it was over 3 months before I was full time again and still had to be careful lifting things etc. IIt's strange it's all a bit of a blur as I had miscarage before which was when they found cyst so was a bit messed up by it all so think my brain has blurred a lot out which is why now I'm due another I'm asking lots of questions cause I really can't remember other than having the scar as a perminant reminder.

Can't help with the injection side but I hope it helps xx


Urgh i just feel like a moany witch at the moment as i am so so very tired. And im hormonal so just a delight to be with at moment haha. My poor patients! x


Can you take a couple of days off to catch up on some rest? I'm sure the hormones aren't helping. after not much sleep the other night I don't think I was too nice to my customers either I just wanted to get back to bed! X.


I'm off this weekend but got plans to be busy lol.

I worry I may lose my mind!!


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