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Lap surgery recovery time- what is normal?

Hi, I was just wondering about others people's experiences of time to recover post lap surgery. I had an emergency op on 25 feb, nearly 4 weeks ago due to a ruptured choc cyst. They also discovered endo all over my bowel, ligaments and lining of stomach which they excised and according to my discharge note they also washed it all out. I obviously wasn't prepared for this op at all as it was an emergency and I had never heard of endo before. I was in severe pain for months but was told it was the cyst twisting on my ovary. I've been taking things very slowly and still getting some sharp pains, pains when passing bowel movements, brown discharge and mostly I'm v tired all the time and also randomly very emotional. My doc initially gave me a 4 week line for work which runs out tomorrow. I saw him last week and he said I should be able to get back to work soon and if I go in tomorrow and I'm not ready (and need another line) then he will be sending me to gynae triage for a scan. I felt v upset by this and dreading tomorrow's app. I don't feel ready to go back yet. I feel I need another 2 weeks at least to build up strength and get myself back to normal physically and emotionally. I guess my question is: Is 6 weeks off work excessive for a lap op? My doc is suggesting it is by all accounts. I have a demanding job intellectually and know I'm not ready yet. This has all come as a bit of a shock to me and I still haven't been given a follow up app with the surgeon who done the op to discuss next steps. I was so out of it after surgery it's difficult to recall details. I rem them saying to start trying to conceive ASAP as the endo can come back but I don't know how severe it is. Sorry for long post, just feeling quite down due to GP last week. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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Hi, sorry your feeling so poorly, it is a while ago that you had your op, are you feeling a lot of pain still, how are the excision areas,

If I was you I would ring your surgeons secretary and ask them if they can tell you what exactly they did while they where there, was it a general surgeon who did your lap, if it was I would suggest you ask your Gp tomorrow to refer you to a endo specialist, sometimes endo can be left behind and that maybe what is still causing you pain,

You Defo need to see an endo gyne, please have a look at endo.uk site, you are within your rights to ask for referral exspecially as it has been found on bowel.

Please be strong with your Gp and get that referral.

Good luck and let us no how it goes


Thankyou. Because it was an emergency op, I don't know if it was an endo specialist or not. Yes some days I'm still in pain and b tired all the time.


I think it is very individual how much time you need off and if you don't feel ready, you shouldn't go back. I was in surgery for 5 hours for my lap and they told me to treat it like major surgery. I was not ready to go back after the initial 2 week doctors note and had 5-6 weeks off and went back on a phased return. Even then I pushed myself too far and had to come home at lunchtime some days. So my advice would be to take as much time as you need especially if you're still in pain. It's very exhausting having a lap and your body needs time to repair itself. Hope that helps x


V helpful, thanks v much. My doc just made me feel paranoid last week. I think mine was around 4 hours. As you say it's down to the individual so I will just ensure I say that tomorrow when I have my next appointment.


Hi hon. I think everyone is totally different with all of this. I had my lap 5 weeks ago. I had 2 cysts and loads of endo removed. I've had approx 6 weeks given to me as a recovery time. Like you I have a v demanding job - mine's also v stressful so I think it's much tougher going back to something like that. I've just gone back this week for 3 days and am doing half days. I'm still really tired and like you get v emotional sometimes for no reason! I'm also still getting quite a bit of pain. It's been tough so far this week, although I think the commute is the hardest bit! My advice to you would be that you know when you're feeling ready to go back to work. Just tell the doctor what you need and don't let him make you feel bad about how long you need off. Maybe speak to work and see if they can support a phased return as I know there's absolutely no way I could have gone back full time straight away. Listen to your body and do what's right for you. If you try and push yourself too hard too soon you'll just end up needing more time off! Lots of luck with it all. I totally understand how you're feeling right now. Please feel free to pm me if you'd like to chat. Take care. Exxx


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