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Does anybody else get anal fissures and is it common for

Endo sufferers?

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I have had bowel issues since I was young on and off over the years and had many procedures but nothing found. Since my lap in Nov last year i have been in agony most of thr time after i have a bowel movement. In february i was diagnosed with. 3 cm fissure, i was given a cream to put on which helped for a while but gave me bad headaches. After a while it got worse and worse and the last few weeks have had the cream

Again as a last resort before an op. The last couple of weeks have been fine but today i have been in agony, so much so i have almost been in tears. It stings, burns and itches, plus i have pain on my left side of my groin (usual endo pain which I haven't had for a while). Sorry for all the detail but just wonder if anybody else has the same problem?

Nic xx

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Sounds like you might have got it infected... or perhaps you have had an allergic reaction to the topical cream.....definitely one to check out with the GP.

They are pretty common for ladies (and gents) who do frequently get constipated on hefty pain killers.

And they do need healing time too, but you do have to aside from the cream, all i can suggest is to take plenty of laxatives to smooth the flow for a few days to weeks to give it time to heal and not stretch it too much, but only if you have been checked out for infection and taken antibiotics if your doc thinks you might need those 1st.

I feel for you. had them myself at times but I have been lucky, they have healed up eventually.

Lots and lots of folk get them...especially people on meds that bung them up.

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Thank you, that's really helpful. I have had these on and off all my life but over the last year it's just been pretty much constant, so much so it can be painful to ealk or sit down. That on top of having to tonsilitis for the third time this year, i am a bit at the end of my tether with it all. Thanks for your advice xx

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Hi there, yes I feel your pain. I have a chronic fissure which came about after taking strong painkillers after a laparoscopy for endo in 2011. The fissure was misdiagnosed for a long time. Been on various different creams and had botox injections but nothing worked so having more complex surgery on it next month. Am really hoping it works so can get back to exercising etc again. I understand how you feel - endo pain is bad enough without having fissure pain on top. I have heard recovery from the surgery I am due to have can be painful for a couple of months after but as am in pain now and have been for a long time I think its worth a try! I guess with endo having to take painkillers that can make you constipated and more likely to get a fissure is not always something the docs warn you of. I don't know if you do so already but i was advised to always drink 2 litres fluid a day and eat lots of high fibre foods and if you are in a lot of pain take movicol and fibogel sachets daily to help with it all. Instilagel might also help relieve the pain you might want to ask gp about that. I hope the current meds you are on improve things for you but don't worry if not as surgery is always an option. All the best, hope you feel more pain free soon xx

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Hi there, thank you so much for coming back to me. I really appreciate it and it helps a great deal to know that somebody else understands what I am going through (although Iwouldn't wish it on anybody else either). I never really associated it with the painkillers, but now you say that it makes complete sense as I was constipated for some time after my lap last November. I had a really bad reaction to the painkillers after my op anyway, then afterwards the pain started with the fissure. I remember on new years eve last year being in agony, bleeding from behind and it just ruined my night. My boyfriend had booked a lovely hotel in London and for us to watch the fireworks on the southbank and the evening was ruined as I was just in too much pain. Its really getting to the end of my tether now as i feel that there is something constantly wrong with me. I try hard not to moan, but sometimes it is too much (yesterday being one of them). I am going to see if I can get another doctors appointment today and see if I can get referred to a specialist, as after all it's been almost a year of just having this ailment amongst everything else.

I really hope you feel better soon after your operation and hope the recovery isn't too bad. It would be good to hear how things are afterwards. Who would be a woman eh?

Thank you, Nic x

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Hi, i get this as an Endo symptom. Every month the week before my period i get a Sharp shooting pain when i need to open my bowel, then it hurts so bad when i go and i have light coloured blood on the tissue and it hurts to sot down for a while after. I also get a very heavy feeling in my bum constantly for a few days.

i am on prostap at the min, so i am not having periods and therefore this symptom has stopped - along with all my other symptoms, thank god! It is lovely to have a break!

i was told by my gynae that i have patches of Endo on the entrance of my rectum which is causing this pain. I don't take anything for it x

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I also get this, piles an all, first the doctors thought I had krones, now they have noticed the pattern with my pain etc and believe it to be endo, still awaiting diagnostic lap as it was cancelled yesterday :@ nothing i find helps this other than taking constipation relief tablets as it softens it, hope it works for you too !

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I've suffered with fissures as one of the symptoms of my endo on and off for the last few years. I had an operation to try and sort them out in 2008 which did work for a while, but I do find they come back if I don't watch my diet etc.I find that taking fibogel helps if I do get constipated. I have endo on the outside of my bowel (and my bowel is adhered to my womb), and like someone else said, I get a sharp shooting pain when I'm on my period just before I need to open my bowels. The bowel issues are definitely the worst symptoms for me - not fun! x

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Hi there, I've also had this problem and had operations, infections, you name it! The wisdoms that I can impart that have helped me are milk of magnesium at night, which I was told by a bowel specialist is much much better than laxatives, and I found fibre things made me worse. I take 30ml at night when I'm constipated and it works by drawing water into the bowel so helps smooth things out.

The other wisdom is that you can get the cream without the headaches but it has a quick sell by date and you can only get it from hospitals - but you CAN, despite whatever your doctor says. I'm guessing that your doctor told you that you should limit the amount of cream that touches your skin so use gloves and a mirror to ensure you only put on as much as you have to, this will limit the headaches. They are awful though!

Finally, watch your diet and don't get dehydrated. Good luck and try milk of magnesium. x

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Thank you ladies. This is all really helpful and it is comforting to know i am not alone, even though i wouldnt wish it on anyone else. Will def try thr milk of magnesium. I have another docs appointment but cant get seen til 23rd october which is ridiculous, and i actually cried on the phone to the receptionist, not that it made any difference. Fingers crossed!

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I know what you mean by " there's always something wrong with me". I feel the same way too and I'm sure other endo sufferers also feel like that sometimes. It's worse because people don't really understand. Thank God we have this forum where we can encourage one another.

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Crohn's disease has been excluded?

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