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Lap in two weeks. Is it Endo?

I have my lap in two weeks to check for suspected endometriosis I have had symptoms since I was younger of having painful periods, however the past year I have had severe pains most days of the month with probably a week break. The symptoms I have had are, bloating, constipation, lower pelvic pain, abdominal pain, painful periods, occasional spotting inbetween periods etc.

At the moment though my pain has decreased, and only really have severe pains now during my period. I do have a twinge/stabbing/pinching pain (sorry I dont know how to describe it) in my lower right pelvic area most days, but that pain goes after a couple of seconds. I also get this same pain when I twist a certain way, cough or sneeze etc, I do get bloated most days still, and still suffer with constipation, but im not in constant agony.

Basically I am just wondering if this normal? Can I have such severe pain, and then it just decrease? Dont get me wrong, I'm happy that I dont have to carry a heat pad round with me all the time, but I'm

A) anxious that its going to come back

B) anxious about the lap, and really wanted to find answers.

If someone could shed some light on this I would be really grateful.


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Hi it's not uncommon for symptoms to come and go. Stress and hormones can play a big part. It's worth having the lap to find out what is going on. Good luck and I hope you find answers.


Thanks very much. Yeah hopefully I can find some answers :)


This sounds exactly like what I am going through currently! Also waiting on a lap to get some answers! I get a lot of the lower right pain as well which is the most concerning as it feels like it could be appendicitis but I've already been checked...

Hope fully we both get some answers soon!


Yeah hopefully we can both get some answers soon. Its horrible not knowing! Good luck with your lap :)


Thanks! You too! :)


Hi just to let you know pain from appendicitis starts off under rib cage , a bit like really bad trapped wind then moves down.


Yeah I personally didn't think it fit but they were adamant when it started that it might be! There are far too many organs in the area!


Yeah. I only know because I had appendicitis whilst on holiday years ago so spent me week away in hospital. I wouldn't recommend it. Lol


Oh no that's awful! Bloody health hey! 

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Mines n two weeks also. birthcontrol has definitely helped, but I still have some issues. Mostly when I'm stressed.  We will see. Good luck with urs



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