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Urination symptoms? Does it sound like endo? Anyone else get this?

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Since I was 16 (24 now) I’ve had pain during urination. I can manage the pain by drinking enough water, for some reason the fuller my bladder is the less painful it is to go. But if I don’t drink enough, or if I’ve drank alcohol, I get a pain which is just like having a urine infection. Right before the wee comes out (sorry tmi!) I feel a slight resistance, as if there’s something in my urethra, it’s really hard to describe. The pain starts as the urine is travelling down the urethra. I’ve had urine tests, ultrasounds and a cystoscopy but everything comes back clear.

I also have pain during sex/when trying to use a tampon, this has been happening since I first tried to use a tampon ages 14.

I also have pain during bowel movements and have seen a colorectal surgeon who says I don’t have fissures, although I have had them in the past as he can see where some have healed. I wonder whether the fissures are secondary to pain caused by endo.. I.e tensing up because of the pain, leading to fissures.

I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it all out at the moment and keeping a diary to see if it’s worse with my period. The symptoms are there all the time but not sure whether they’re worse when I’m on, I’ve only just recently been offered endo as a possible diagnosis from my GP so never tracked the symptoms properly before!

Any help would be lovely :) x

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I do have problems with my bladder but urinating isn't painfu itself, the fuller my bladder is the more pain I get before and after urinating. I have had PID in the past and your symptoms sound a lot like what I had, have you been tested for that? x

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Gemc93x you described my symptoms exactly!! I too had a scan cystoscopy everything and it came back normal !! It feels like my urethra is blocked at first when I’m about to urinate before it comes out and then later I feel pain during urination and after for about two hours the pain after was a ache. After my laparoscopy and exicision this pain dissapeared (well after the healing process which took two months) it was crazy not to feel pain . According to my surgeon the nerves around my bladder and pelvis where super irritated by my endo and activated even though I do not have bladder endo the uterosacral ligaments are so sensitive they cause a lot of irritation down there . Best advice I can give you love try cutting out gluten and dairy for a few weeks allow yourself maybe one day a week as a treat but the rest try gluten free I don’t know why but it helped me a lot before my lap literally my pain reduced and see a gynaecologist about your symptoms xxxx

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Wow that’s crazy how you have exactly the same symptom! I’m just praying for a diagnosis soon, the more and more I read the more convinced I am I have endo, fingers crossed 🤞🏻 Xxx

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Sorry I meant I had endo on my uterosacral ligaments with my bladder pain and strangely before my surgery I would only get relief from my bladder pain when it was super full just like you . An irritated bladder can cause strange symptoms I guess but don’t worry it can heal :)

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Hi there. I have pain when my bladder is full and during urination in periods ( esp 3 days ) also I feel something hard in rectum. I haven't done lap yet so I dont know exactly where is it (in ultrasossund it shows one small endometrioma). I can recommanded to drink lot of herbal tea and try serrapeptase for me it was life saver. Just one month after taken it I dont have pain during urination. Xx

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Hi, yes i have these symptons! I have had all tests on bladder too and i was given vesicare and amitriptyline. These seemed to calm things down and i have stopped taking them. Just had another lap and my symptons seem to have come back. I try and avoid alcohol and acidic foods too. Hope this helps and does seem common with endo sufferers.

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Gemc93x in reply to Chidders

Thank you for your reply :)

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