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Does anybody else have bowel problems which appear to be worse when ovulating and with period?

My pain levels have been been through the roof it appears to have got worse at ovulation with lower back pain to start with which I can only describe as what felt like a blockage deep inside my bowel which then went to the front low pelvic area which also caused old blood loss also before my period it appears to be 10 fold 2??

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Hi Yazza, I have this! I know my endo is on my bowel but the pain is most certainly worse AFTER my period when ovulating. Bowel movements are excruciating! I think there are a kit if adhesions in there and that is the problem.

I don't know if knowing someone else is the same helps you at all but feel free to get in contact if you have any questions!

Laura x


Hi that sounds really hard. I had similar horrific pain symptoms that came on really dramatically years after being diagnosed with stage 4 endo but with relatively minimal symptoms. It's was found that extensive endo was on my bowel and to cut a long story short I had surgery in Feb to remove it. Post surgery I've still got functioning issues as my bowel was irretrievably damaged by the endo but it is clearly better than before and fingers crossed that horrific pain will be gone. As they shut my system down with drugs prior to surgery my periods haven't restarted yet. I had to really push to be seen asap and in the end my occupational health dept got me seen I just couldn't work at some points in the month. Good luck !!


Thanks ladies with my lap in June 2013 my left ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall so was mobilized!

He said my endo was minimal but on my uretha but my bowels have got much worse to the point when I eat it uncomfortable and then get pain as it's trying to pass I'm due for a hetroscopy soon to remove my coil as the strings have disappeared but I'm know going to ask for another lap to treat the endo aswell as I believe it must be what's causing so much pain!

Good luck and best wishes to you both. X



I'm still awaiting my diagnosis, but I have this same problem, a few days before period, during and then after. Before and during I feel all a bit blocked up with some pain (definitely in the lower back, and hip area too), but this then gets worse at end of period for a week or so after, so I'm fully expecting them to find something on my bowel. All the time it feels 'full' down there, and when there isn't pain as such it feels like there's a lot of pressure, if that makes sense! A few years a go I had a scan (they were investigating for IBS type stuff at the time) and they said one of my ovaries was particularly close to my bowel and that there was some scar tissue. At the time they didn't think this was a problem and dismissed it, but now they're sending me for a lap I think it's got to be connected. I've never had any kind of surgery etc down there so I can't see why else they would find scar tissue!

Hope you manage to find some relief from the pain! x


Thanks Merlin 19 I know what you mean with the pressure and feeling full!

I'll update when I get some answers. X


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