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Help first post! Is it endo????


Hi everyone

Just wanted to see if anyone else any of this going on when they were being diagnosed with endo?

I had lower pelvic pain following my last period and has been constant for the last 6 weeks. Some days its worse than others but always constant. I've got bad bloating, pain with sex, pain opening bowels, pain with urinating like deep inside, lower back pain. With a family history of endo.

I have finally seen the gynea who did an internal exam and TV ultrasound. Both excruciating. On the last exam it stirred things up so much I was taken to emergency from the pain with vomiting. Had me on morphine and still taking endone.

They gyne said nothing shows on the scans. But found that one of my ovaries wasn't freely moving. Could this mean scarring or endo?? Then he could also feel something during his internal exam too. I am booked in for lap next week. Just want some closure regarding what I'm experiencing.

Has anyone else experienced the same or told that about their ovaries not moving ??


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Yes, one of my ovaries is stuck to my uterus. What you describe does sound rather like endo to me. Good that you have a lap coming up soon. Hope it gives you answers.

jopippos12 in reply to Fabbird

Thanks for your reply! Did u end up having surgery for endo? Could it be adhesions holding the ovary down?

Fabbird in reply to jopippos12

Yes, I think it is adhesions. I haven't gone for surgery, I've just managed with hormones and painkillers so far. I've been able to get by, but I may have surgery in the future.

I think you have to judge for yourself want treatments to take when. None of them are nice!

You must be in a lot of pain.

I haven't heard of ovaries not moving freely, but I had most of the symptoms you describe. You won't have all the facts until the lap has been carried out, but you could call your G.P if you feel you need to discuss the scan.

Good luck with the lap. I hope you're pain-free soon. x

Thanks for your reply! its so hard to know whether or not you have it unless u get the lap. unfortunately we dont have health cover so paying for surgery.. I think thats why im apprehensive. But i know ive just been in constant pain with no relief.

thankyou! :)

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