pain and constipation

these past few weeks have been agony my last period was so painful i could not move now my bowels are playing up i have been constipated for five days i have tryed movicol senna and still nothing my stomach is bloated i am in so much pain i feel sick dizzy light headed anyone else had this i did have endo on a loop of my bowel which they sorted when i had my op 2011 but the constipation and pain is back worse than before rant over xxx

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  • Are you on any medication? Sometimes painkillers like codeine can cause severe constipation.

    If not you should see your doctor and maybe change your diet to help your bowels. x

  • Go get urself lactulose from doc or pharmacy. It's much more gentle on the stomach and really helps soften ur stools. Constipation is the worst. U must take it daily tho while ur taking medication that can constipate you. Hope this helps xx

  • I agree, sena didnt work for me when I needed it. Lactulose worked wonders within 1-2 days

  • Lots of fresh fruit and veg, fruit juice, oh and prunes (yuk) xx

  • You need to try something from the bottom end too if you are really impacted. You can buy glycerine suppositries over the counter, but you must get chcked out by gp especially if feeling light headed and to change your oral laxatives. Plus drink lots and lots of water xxx

  • Thanks guys I purchased some lactulose it worked wonders thanks for. All the help

    I am so glad of this site xxx

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