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How to diagnose an adenomyosis of uterus?

Hi I had laparoscopy in 2011 and been told that I had dense adhesion on my right pelvic area. I am in Japan now and seen two doctors. Both doctors told me that they couldn't see so much adhesion from ultra sound scan. Second doctor told me my uterus seems thick and I may have adenomyosis of uterus. Both doctors agrees I should have hysterectomy. I am 42 and I have one child. My consultant in England told me I have dense adhesion and I may have endomitriosis between the adhesion and bowel. I have seen 4 doctors so far (the lap doctor and my consultant is different doctors) but none of them really found any evidence. I am not really prepared to have hysterectomy if my uterus is healthy.

I would like to have more children but my husband wouldn't so I can't get pregnant by my self even I wanted. I have terrible pain about half of my life at the moment. Naproxen + buscopan, co-codamol doesn't help and Tramadol will space me out so I can't use on my work day. I need pain killer to go to work!! My husband found me fainted in pain last month.

Has anyone diagnosed adenomyosis of uterus? I understand that it is endo in uterus muscle. Can it be found by laparoscopy (I am on the waiting list at the moment)? If it is IN the muscle can you see from outside uterus? I had a hysteroscope with laparoscopy in 2011 as they suspect fibroid and they said my uterus was healthy. So at least my uterus is clear inside.

I had MRI in May 2013 to have it check if endo in my bowel as I have bleeding from bowel only during my period which came out clear. Could adenomyosis be found by MRI? They were taking around bowel area surely my uterus was on that MRI I suppose?

Could someone help me, please? Thanks.

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Adeno can shop up in laparoscopy on rare occasions but it would be very difficult to see it that way. The usual method is to have an MRI scan preferably when your period is happening and the MRI should spot the swelling lumps of trapped blood inside the uterus walls which is a clear indicator of adeno and if it is adeno then hysterectomy is definitely the best surgical option.

There is a wonderfully informative website on adeno, set up by one of the members of this forum adenomyosisadviceassociatio...

Read through it all and arm yourself with the backgrond knowlege to make an informed decision on the hysterectomy option.

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Thank you for putting the link in your post, although I read it and cried it is good to read facts and helpful info.


Thank you. I will have a read the link you gave me. If I am having hysterectomy I want to know exactly why I need to. If I have adeno I probably have to but if not I want to know what I have!

Well from the symptom I once suspect adeno but doctor never mentioned... I hope I will find out what it is.



Hi - I saw a gynae on 23 July and he told me there and then that he could feel I had a bulky and enlarged uterus and most likely it was adenomyosis. He ordered a transvaginal scan to check the size of my uterus and will be doing a laparoscopy to explore my pelvis further. He has talked about having the mirena coil inserted which releases progesterone although this causes me other health problems. He wrote in the letter to my doctor 'she is not keen at the moment' and it is clear that he anticipates persuading me to his point of view. I'm not sure though - I've not heard good things about the mirena coil. This is my experience re a preliminary adenomyosis diagnosis and plans for confirmation.... don't know if it helps at all!


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