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Uterus stuck to bowel

Hi, I am in my early 40's and had my first diagnostic laparoscopy two weeks ago and they have found that my uterus is stuck to my bowel. I have always had heavy periods since childhood and tilted cervix (very painful smears). Sex would be extremely painful like I was being stabbed with a knife and pain (tension) running down the front of my thighs when driving long distance or doing squats at the gym.

Has anybody actually had their uterus and bowel separated and could share their experience. What is involved in the surgery, recovery time and how they feel now in the future. Any tips, sharing of knowledge or guidance on becoming 'unstuck' would be appreciated.

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Hi Lisa, sorry to hear you have this - it's a nightmare. I'm about seven weeks post having things unstuck. It was quite a long operation maybe 4hrs with two surgeons and I was told there was a high risk I would need a bowel resection and stoma but luckily I didn't also luckily I managed to have just a laparoscopy. Once they'd unstuck the bowel and uterus it turned out my lower bowel was still stuck down due to lots of scar tissue so this was all taken away and my bowel mobilised and wrapped in a film to try and stop it reattaching. The first four or five weeks after were rough with bowel problems it was really painful but now I feel like I am really getting better. By the time of the operation I could barely go out due to bowel issues and I feel like this has really improved. I'm off work for another while yet (the surgeon said it would be at least 12 weeks due to the extent of the operation) and so I'm still taking it very easy and in a bit of pain (I also had a segment of ovary removed which has been painful). Does this help any? I'm glad I had it done, in the end it didn't really feel like a choice - I was really ill about 3weeks out of 4 by the time of it and quite desperate. You should be referred to a colorectal surgeon and they will discuss the risks of the surgery with you based on where the join is. Hope this helps.

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Thank you fphillips77 for sharing your story. It was really helpful and did help. I have today come back from a laparoscopy results consultation. My sigmoid colon is severely attached to my uterus obliterating the Pouch Of Douglas which could explain painful sex. There was no sign of any endometriosis but the adhesions could be a result of endo. Options available, 1. leave it as it is not life threatening or 2. have laparoscopic adhesiolysis surgery to separate organs (joint gyny & bowel specialist surgeries). This is an hour and half operation and 2 week recovery time (based on no complications). There is a high probability that the adhesions will come back and uterus and bowel will fuse together again in 6 - 9 months time. Then if I am still in pain the next procedure would be a hysterectomy and vaginal shortening. You mentioned cling film to stop organs reattaching, was this during surgery or long term fix? I asked if there was any treatment to stop organs fusing back together again and he said there wasn't any in the U.K but more so in the U.S.

How is your recovery going?


Hi Lisa, so glad my story helped. Did they say what they would recommend you do? The reason I went ahead with the surgery was that I was having a lot of bowel problems, it felt like I didn't have a choice it had gotten so bad. It is good that they have given you some options, it's a lot to decide though. The surgeon said to me it was worth trying if your quality of life is badly affected, but that I had to have realistic expectations (I think I had it for about 9yrs before finding out what it was so I knew I was never going to be totally back to normal). I'm not sure what the film was called I think the bowel surgeon recommended it, all I remember them saying is that it starts as a film and then turns to a gel to reduce the risk of things sticking back together. I would be so devastated if it stuck again after all this. I am doing better thanks, still a bit sore and things but better. I'm not due back to see the surgeon until February and should have a better idea then if it's been a success. You'll need a bit of time to think about what they have told you today, at least it sounds like they have a good plan though - they have a treatment and if that doesn't work a second option - but it's an awful lot to take in.


Hi, option 1 would be o.k if I decided to become a nun lol. It is affecting quality of life and intimacy. So I am taking a punt and going for option 2: adhesiolysis surgery. I understand what he is saying in that the bowel and uterus are stuck together like two pieces of paper so it is a very intricate surgery but I can't stay like this for the rest of my life. It's taken so long with all the tests and different consultations to get this far that I am just going to go for it. Worst case scenario, I'm still in pain and they fuse back together, I can go for the hysterectomy. Gynae is going to write to bowel specialist and I will have an appointment with him before they do the joint surgery. I'm on the nhs waiting list so timelines are slow and long. Thanks for mentioning the film / gel, I will ask the bowel specialist about this when I do see him! Glad to hear you are making a steady recovery.


I was exactly the same, decided it was worth just going for it. Good luck with the bowel surgeon, in my experience they were a bit more reluctant but I don't think they realise just how painful it is!


I've just had this surgery done through laparoscopy. Excellent surgeon who specialises in this and can do it all through key hole. If u want to know his name please let me know. Although there are risks to bowel my surgeon was very confident in his skills. The op is long and recovary slow but I think it will be worth it x


Hi Alpa, Thank you for the post. Were you given any advice about uterus and bowel reattaching themselves again in the future? How are you feeling now?



I had my first lap in August and was also told my bowel ad uterus are fused together with adhesions!

I have been refers to a specialist centre at Oxford just now waiting for an appointment, any advice or guidance would be good too !

Also starting zoladex injections on Wednesday very nervous about this.


Hi Charlie, has your appointment to the specialist centre in Oxford come through? How are the zoladex injections?


Hi sorry haven't been on here for a while.

Yes my appoint mentioned is 8th Feb 16

Zoladex was going good but since my last one I have started to experience pain again.


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