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Endometriosis of the Uterus


This morning I have been to my follow up appointment after my laparoscopy 2 weeks ago.

They found endometriosis on my uterus and removed it. I wasn't expecting this, I was expecting it to be more on my bowel.

I'm going to sound really thick here but I got myself confused between the cervix and the uterus (don't ask)!! So I didn't think to ask many questions while in the appointment. When I got home I googled it (as the consultant didn't give me much information at all). I cannot find much information at all. Adenomyosis is also coming up when you google uterus endometriosis, not sure why?

Could anyone who has been diagnosed with endometriosis of the uterus give me some advise? Have you been able to conceive? Has the endometriosis been removed? Has it ever come back?

Many thanks

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Hi Iv been diagnosed with endo in my uterus and around it. I'm currently on HRT medication as Iv also gone into premenopausal stage 😭

After having my proestrogen pills for 10 days I had very very light bleeding it's not even a real period and it's making so upset and angry at the same time. Been very emotional 😭 today and in quite bit of pain. Been told I can't conceive I have like 5% chance.


Hi Shaz37,

Thank you for your response - how long did you have your symptoms for? They've suggested a pill to me, but I seem to find they don't work very well with my body! When were you diagnosed?

Thank you x


Iv had them for 3 years but only was diagnosed in August this year after a internal scan.

I have to take the proestrogen pill and the patch together because my body literally has no natural estrogen left.


If endometriosis has affected the muscle of the uterus it is then referred to as adenomyosis. I had quite bad adenomyosis by the time I was diagnosed so had to have a hysterectomy (I was 42). There are other people who have been treated on here, or on the FaceBook pages, so hopefully can give more advice on treatment and conceiving.

Good luck

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Hi! I've been diagnosed with the same thing (Adenomyosis). Currently going through the process of getting a coil, as I've heard they're the best things to get (apart from blocking off the uterus, or having a hysterectomy). I'm only 21, so I'm really concerned about the fertility side of it, and am really praying the coil works as I dont want either the menopause or a hysterectomy. At least I know im not alone!


Hello. I'm also 21, I've been going to the GP for 3 years with problems and in August they finally referred me. I had my lap 2 weeks ago and the results were endometriosis on the uterus - when I googled it adenomyosis kept coming up, so I'm now totally confused! My consultant didn't tell me much at all. What did you consultant advise? Mine told me to go back to my GP to discuss contraception and pain management...I said well you've removed the endometriosis so sheet I shouldn't have further pain! .. x


Hi Soph! Great to hear i'm not alone in all this. If i'm right, Andenomyosis is what endo of the uterus is called. My consultant told me there were three options for me. I don't know about you, but I've been on the pill for years and it has made no impact in my pains. So therefore, he suggested the coil. This will basically stop you from having periods. My cousin has endo and uses the coil and she swares by it! The second option, was to have foam inserted into your arteries to the uterus, to temp block it off, but that can cause the menopause. The third option is hysterectomy. If you're like me, eventually having kids is a big dream of mine, so I want to make sure that my fertility is okay. I'm gonna book into having the coil inserted and hopefully that will work. Hope that helps!


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