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Morning ladies,

Im so annoyed upset if im honest!

After 8yrs of waiting being diagnosed with moderate stage 3 endo last yr, i decided enough was enough of being pumped full of drugs.

I researched & found dr p, lets call him that for privacy!

He was fab in consultation, then suggested an excisive lap Asap.

After 4 wks i rang up & surgery list was in. I was given 5th july; tomorrow with a bowel prep tonight. Also i was to stay in.

So as you can imagine ive sorted everything out, work, family - my little lad going to respite (he has autism), little pup, not mentioning getting packed & mentally preparing to be told 2days before its cancelled as they've over booked!!

So cross angry, upset & in bloody pain!!

New date on 26th july but great thats on middle of summer holidays.

So another month of

Pains & anxiety :(

Anyone else had this, how did you cope, does it happen often??

Liz xx

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So sorry to hear that Liz, what a kick in the teeth and the last thing you of all people needed to happen. You'd think the hosp would take in to consideration patients personal situation at home to some degree when deciding who to postpone!

If they had to postpone because of an emergency (ie suspected cancer case) then it perhaps would be more understandable or rather more acceptable, but just to overbook is a pretty lame excuse when it causes such inconvenienece and at only 2 days notice too.

Hugs to you. I feel angry about it for you, I really do. a delay of 20 days when you're in pain is more than unfair.


So now its here, tomorrow instead of Friday!

So little lad rushed to folks house a day early.

Then bowel prep taken ready & seriously its rough stuff!

Whole body aching.

Operation was to be friday 5tg as you may remember then 26th july thenaphibecsll this morning for tomorrow instead!

Rollercoaster of emotions!


i have just been cancelled for the end of july as i have had the op before and was not advised this time to do a bowel prep so called and asked if i needed to only to be called back a week later and be told the op is cancelled as i WANT the bowel prep.

i couldnt believe it was then told that it was my choice. I mean seriously these people are meant to be the professionals.

you need to make a complaint hun thats what i have done. Also the NHS have an obligation to you to start treatment within 18 weeks so check and see if this has happened.

wishing you the best of luck and hope you get it all sorted x x x


How are you getting on?

Any better? News on your operation! Xx


Yeah hun i spoke to mazzda about this. I wasnt feeling strong enough to fight back but with support i rang up and made my point clear (they were trying to make me wait 6-7 months) im waiting for emergency appointment now. Goodluck x


Thanks ladies,

What a rubbish wk, our pup not been well in vet hosp. Caught a bug, Alfie is an 8montg olf rescue westie.

Anyhow my work colleagues gave me a bunch of flowers & lovely card last night too, i got in the car & coukdnt stop crying.

My boss did give me holidays till next wed anyhow to take it easy.

I do find stress makes endo worse?

In bed now whole body hurts.

Life is rough at the moment & seriously wouldnt be bothered if i dont wake up tomorrow.....


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