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First time larascopy

Evening ladies....im going in for the op thursday but have come on my period today...im 29 never been in hospital before and im so frightened and very emotional about it. Seeing some of your posts has made me ease a little bit. My main concerns are being put to sleep and what to expect after...iv told work i will be off for 2 weeks i hope this is enough time to recover as iv read some of you it took longer. Xxxxx

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Hi there, I know exactly how you feel! I just had my first laparoscopy a little over a week ago and I had lots of anxiety. I can tell you it is rough go the first couple of days, but having someone there to help with managing the pain pills and making sure I was taking them properly helped a lot. I feel a lot better a week after the surgery. I’ve had a lot of nausea and some vomiting, but that gets better every day. Everyone heals differently, but as long as you are prepared you will be fine! I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the answers and relief you deserve!

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Ah thank you so much for replying...not nice to hear you've had to go through it aswell. I hate the not knowing...i really want a baby and my gyane has told me i have to get pregnant as i have a fibroid also! So much runs through your mind its horrible x


Yes I was so worried what the doctor would find! Unfortunately I have to see a specialist for endometriosis as my doctor found lesions every where and a knob/growth on one of my ovaries...I too would like to have children soon and want to know what’s going on!


Its horrible isnt it and such an awful thing to try and explain to people as you seem ok on the outside but the pain is killing you inside! X


You get me! I also have fibromyalgia so I used to explain for years and years until I realized I have nothing to prove to anyone! Gentle hugs!! Xx


No my boss is so good so aslong as she and my family understand not too fussed what anyone else thinks now! But i refuse to let it beat me if it is endo that they diagnose...i started my periods when i was 8 years old and had trouble for 21 years so i just keep thinking another hurdle to get over...i cant take any form of contraception and since stopping all that for the second time my body feels better just the pain at ovulation and the dreaded "week" is unexplainable...my partner is a pro in hot water bottle making 😂


Good luck on your op, i have mine on thursday too xxx


I had my first op last Monday, I was so scared but honestly it’s nothing to worry about! The worse part I found was the air they put in you but it goes really quickly and isn’t that bad at all!After a week I was fine other then a slight pain in my stitches every now and again, just rest afterwards and take it easy, move around as much as you can to help the air release you will be fine! Good luck! xx


All the best with your op lovely. I felt exactly the same as you before the lap. Didn’t want to be out if control and didn’t know what I’d do if they didn’t find anything. I needed an answer.

All I can say to you is remain positive because my experience has been great and it was only 4 days ago. They removed endometriosis and put the coil to manage it. All went smoothly and I was happy. The unknown is always scarier than what the reality is.

If you haven’t been told what to expect happy to message and let you know.

My main advice and the one thing I wish I knew before I went home was to get some lactulose. You may, not a given, get constipation due to the anaesthetic, it’s nothing to worry about but can be painful after the op and very uncomfortable. With the lactulose I was fine, so again nothing to worry about but makes life easier.

If you have anymore questions just shout please😊.

Good luck to all having their op.



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