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Operation Waiting times

Hi all,

I am currently on a waiting list for my second endo op.l I have been on the list about 4 weeks now. i have been told that i may be waiting a little longer as it is being done by the specialist however just wondered from peoples experience how long they had to wait? Its been a while since my last op so can't remember the first time round.

Thanks x

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Everytime they took 3-6 months to arrange for Endo Surgery or even just diagnostic surgery. It was never quick for me until i had to call multiple times and escalate to Gynaec department.

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Yes I had to wait 8 weeks for laparoscopy and that was only so quickly because I kept phoning and asking for a cancelation appointment. Good luck hope It all goes well for you x.


About six months from referral to op. I kept ringing them and they gave me an idea where I was in the queue but obviously if something more important came in you were shuffled back down the queue. I suppose it depends on the hospital. mine was Aberdeen. good luck.


I saw the consultant in November and was told the hospital was booking surgery in March/April. If I paid to have it done privately I could have it done within a couple of weeks! Very frustrating!! Good luck! xx


I was put on the list in May last year and had a date in September/October, I was told the waiting list was approx 14 weeks. I had an op start of September and then another one in December - the surgeon wanted it in November but this was the earliest they could do. Hope you aren't waiting too long x


Thank you for all your comments ladies.

So i have been on the waiting list 9 weeks now. I have been phoning and writing to the hospital regularly so hopefully i wont be waiting too much longed (else I'll start going crazy!)


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