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So worried now all happing fast


So after monthes of pain and back and two to doctoures and hoapital and wating 3 monthes my opp is fininly here on the 5 sep ,7.30 in morning im now so scared what they going to find or not going to fine after all this suffering and not being listend im upset im going ti have scares on my belly and upset it come when i had plance and my hubby bithday 4 days after opp hate the sistem is tuck so long now its all happing so fast they have also got me a endos unit in manchester and a pain team and diet team as somthing up tummy and bowles too

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Hey, honestly the lap is nothing to worry about, it actually felt nice being put to sleep as I was so tired and hungry.

You won’t have permanent scars on your stomach, the cut on my bikini line just looked like a shaving cut it was that small and my bellybutton is finally looking normal 3 weeks later.

My op was in Manchester with an endo specialist and the staff were so nice and chatty I forgot I was having surgery haha.

I know we all say we hate the system but we are lucky not to pay for surgery or hormone treatment compared to like America etc. Just take it easy the first week post surgery. I felt amazing 2 days after my lap but once the drugs wore off, I struggled to even get out of bed for a few days. Xx

Alarna in reply to princessk09

I am so grateful for our country and what they do for us but I can see take so long and where I'm from not very professionally neither they still haven't even sent a letter out explaining about my app after telling me I'm going to have it and it's took 5 years now to get where I am thanks for your support though it's means a lot but I hope my opp t goes as easy as yours thanks again

Alarna in reply to princessk09

All so im wating for a referral to the Manchester endos unit team

princessk09 in reply to Alarna

I was at Manchester and didn’t hear anything apart from when I got letters telling me my pre op date and lap date.

They tell you about the procedure at the pre op and before the lap, my gynae told me what he would etc xx

Alarna in reply to princessk09

Just realised I've been following your post for a while now and only just realised that u got results for all your suffering in pain well done you glad you got them as you were worried that it wasn't nothing thanks for your support again

Oh don’t worry too much about the scars. My GP suggested using Nivea (blue pot) once the wounds have healed. She used to work for a plastic surgeon and he swore by it. I kinda like my scars, it oddly reminds me of what I’ve been through and that I’m fortunately in a better place now (pain wise), everyone has a story don’t they, the scars just add to ours.

4 days after you could do something lovely together depending on how you feel, then when you’re completely better do something else. All the best for a speedy recovery x

Alarna in reply to Cupcake1617

Thank you for your support it means a lot I guess the scars are going to make me remember what iv fight for a long time and I do miss feeling normal and pain free so hopefully this is a to a pain free life just really hope it gives me that for a while because there's a lot of things going on inside my stomach and bowel

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