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Neurofen PLUS

Looking at a lot of blogs here alot of people are using prescribed pain relief. Now I have used various method of pain relief since being diagnosed. I was on Femodene for two years (without the week break) because the pain became too much to bear. I then decided to come off the pill as I wanted try to get pregnant. I was offered Zoladex by my consultant but when I read the side effects it put me off So I started using Neurofen Plus for pain relief and they did the job but they make you high, drowsy and constipated so I decided it was time to go back on normal neurofen it takes the edge off but not enough.

Does anyone here take any pain relief that you buy over the counter?

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I take nurofen express i find that they take the edge off slightly because if I take anything else they just make me feel awful, at least if you take the lower dose stuff you still feel more like yourself then taking the really strong stuff.



Don't discount paracetomal, taken along with ibuprofen really helps. I found it better to take para and then two hours later take ibu, then two hours later take para again and cycle through the day. You could try co-codomal instead of paracetomal, or feminax.


Yes that is what I do as well and have voltrol suppositories for nights.



I also taken para every four hours and Ibuprofen every alternative four hours, by no means does it make me pain free, but as you say it takes an edge off and doesn't make me dopey for the few hours a day that I work.

At night time and the unbearable days I take Tramadol, now this does make me fuzzy round the edges, and can give me mood swings. but I have to say for sleep Its a necessary thing at the moment and when doing heavy duty back & tummy demanding tasks such as hoovering or even sitting for more than 15 minutes (I have mega back pain). When I'm on a Tramadol kick I make sure I take a fibogel (a natural fibre drink- the lemon one is the ba-bomb) twice a day to stop the bunged up bottom issues. x


Hi, I do take nurofen plus a lot as I used to take them for years for my headaches and I seem to cope ok with them (not sure whether that's a good thing!) I also take paracetamol with them, but when they were withdrawn about a year ago because of the scare I ended up taking cuprofen instead. I know they are the same drugs as nurofen plus but I didn't get on so well with them, so I spoke to some friends and they said the opposite. They much preferred them to nurofen. So if you are looking for a direct alternative it might be worth giving them a try? Take care x


Thanks for your comments. Whilst on my period this month the pain was unbearable and just on one side I have not had it this bad for the past 5 years so its just filled me with renewed anxiety and dread for the next period. Hopefully it won't be so bad next time but I have many scans and consultant appointments ahead of me so we will see how it goes. As many women have said before on here its great to finally converse with people who actually understand and know what your talking about x


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