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Any really good relief from pain?


I'm 19 with mild endometriosis but have severe symptoms. The doctors aren't taking my pain seriously because they've only found mild endometriosis but I'm in severe pain and off uni most of the time due to it (I'm even thinking about dropping out due to it) but they have given me tramadol which helps most of the time! I was wondering if any of you have this problem too?

Also, does anyone having any ways of managing the pain other than using contraception or pain relief (e.g. changing diet, exercise, doing something to help it etc)?

I really appreciate your help :)


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Tramadol is a strong pain killer, the next step from that would most likely be morphine! So they may not be dismissing u, try a different combination of pain killers like, ibuprofen and paracetamol wen its not bad, then just tramadol wen it is bad, u can take paracetamol with tramadol too, try swimming as that's good for pain xx


Try a TENS machine! They are as cheap as tenner and worth a try for some drug free pain relief also massage, hot stone massage, wheatbags/ heat pads and acupuncture! In an odd way just trying new things helps you feel better as you are taking control of your pain rather than it controlling you! Good luck :)


try giving up dairy, it made a huge difference to my pain levels. I tried Chinese medicine for a while, the first thing the doctor said to me was that dairy was my enemy, I think he was right! Chinese herbs were good too, but that can get expensive.

I also recommend seeing a chiropractor if you can afford it. I see one every 2 months, have done for 5 years, it has made a huge difference to the lower back pain that I suffered almost constantly due to endo. He does adjustments that relieves pressure on my nerves connected to my uterus.

I do love my wheat bags too, indispensable!


Ask your GP / Gynae Consultant if you can try Mefenamic Acid, makes your flow lighter and stops the pain. Much better than ibuprofen!!


I find ibuprofen and paracetamol don't touch the sides at times. Today i took 2 30mg codeine tablets left over from my lap, at most i would say it took the edge off. I am a trained sports therapist and massage during your period can actually make your loss heavier so i wouldn't recommend that though it would be beneficial afterwards, especially if movement is restricted due to pain, (I regular limp when on my period) as it will prevent knock on muscle soreness and spasms.


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