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Chocolate cyst (endometrioma)

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Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with these and if they experienced severe pelvic pain as a result?

Basically, I started getting some mild pain on and off in my right side in December. The pain has been getting worse and worse to the point that I have had to go to A&E a couple of times for pain relief and codeine and paracetamol are not even touching it.

I had an ultrasound which found a 5cm chocolate cyst in my right ovary. I have been signed off work for the last 3 weeks as the pain has been so severe on and off throughout that day and it is keeping me up at night.

Has anyone experienced this and is this normal? I have an appointment with he gynaecologist on Tuesday and I know I will probably need surgery to remove it. However as that is likely going to be several months away, does anyone have any tips on what can be done in the meantime for pain relief? Do you think they could prescribe me stronger pain relief to atleast get me through the night so I can sleep and go back to work?

I'm feeling a bit alone at the moment to be honest and helpless :( The thought of having to endure this pain for longer terrifies me.

Thanks for any help and advice.


17 Replies
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I had a cyst that from one month started at 1cm by 2 and 2 weeks later was 7cm by 8cm so they booked me in for an emergency op to get it out! The pain can be unbearable some days and others it can feel like nothing! It might well burst itself which won’t feel nice to begin with but could feel much better after, best of luck rest up and get yourself a good heat pad! Xxx

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fdennis07 in reply to Khess124

I really hope that they take it out asap as it i unbearable. It was 3cm is January and is now 5cm ...absolute agony!

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Khess124 in reply to fdennis07

Oh gosh they might push too get it taken out! They’re normally pretty good on getting them out! Xx

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I’ve had a small cyst on my left ovary for about 2 years now, never gave me any problems until the new year.

I ended up in hospital in so much pain on my left side, my back and in my leg. I had to keep going back day after day, they done a CT scan and it showed mine had increased to 5cm too which is what is causing the pain.

I saw my fertility doctor at the start of this month and she’s booked me in for the start of May to have it removed. I rely on heat pads so much, they are a god send.

Hope everything goes well for you xx

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fdennis07 in reply to ChloeL934

Thank you so much. Hope the removal of your cyst all goes well :) x

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My ovaries and uterus already removed two years ago severe endo, adhesions, adenomyosis and chocolate cyst. Not only heat what really helps is drinking lots of water and have 2-3 mugs of black coffee without sugar. Can really help as it reduces all the fluid retention which can increase the pressure in the area causing the pain. Even ensure you are not constipated as that can again really increase the pressure my bowels were adherent to the uterus even without which it can be a complication. Please give it a try it will be worth it.

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fdennis07 in reply to PCollind

Thank so much for your reply. I actually purchased some lactulose from the pharmacy yesterday as the codeine has been making me constipated which probably hasn't helped either 🤞

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PCollind in reply to fdennis07

🤗😘 really hope it helps. Reducing congestion in the area is most essential also forgot to mention that painkillers can aggravate the symptoms as the side effects can include serious digestive issues. Try to avoid the pain killers to the extent possible.

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Havengirl in reply to PCollind

Oh god, your experiences sound exactly like mine too- I’ve been told that in the future I’ll need a bowel surgeon present if I have to have another op. I’m hoping I don’t need another one. X x

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PCollind in reply to Havengirl

Very complicated and still don't feel good inside somehow. Really hope you will not need it.

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Hi there, well when I read your post.... it sounded like what I have been through! I had three cysts on my ovaries and had 3 weeks off, every period the cysts got bigger. It got to the point where I could feel them when I walked, going up the stairs. I took cocodamol 30mg, mefenamic acid and ibuprofen but I spaced them out, mefanamic acid never really did anything for the pain so I would take 600mg of ibuprofen 2 codeine every 4 hours sometimes every 3 hours without fail, that helped, I bought heat patches from the pound shop the stick ones that helps, I got bad sickness, constipation and diarrhoea with mine so I took IBS medication for it and some sickness tablets from docs, I also drank peppermint tea, ate lots of beans and healthy foods and totally cut out coffee. I waited a month and a bit for my laparoscopy it couldn't come quick enough but I broke down In tears in front of my gynocologist which i think may have helped a bit. Keep your chin up hun i know how hard it is, please look after you and your mental health and give your body time to recover from the pain and flare ups. Much love to you hunni xxxx

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fdennis07 in reply to Emmarussell

Thank you so much. I'm really hoping that when I see the gynaecologist on Tuesday they get it out asap...if not im going to have to reduce my hours again at work as I cant start work at 8am and work 8 hour days on minimal sleep.

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I had a complex chocolate cyst wrapped around my left ovary and it was unbearably painful but I was lucky enough to be seen pretty quickly so my surgery wasn’t that far away in the end. My consultant also prescribed strong painkillers that really worked- gabapentin x x

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fdennis07 in reply to Havengirl

Thanks a lot! I'll mention these to my consultant to see if this is something she could possibly prescribe me x

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I had a chocolate cyst that’s was 5cms on my left ovary. It was my choice to operate and would have been a 60 week wait on the nhs in my area so I paid privately to have it removed 2 weeks ago.

All went well, no damage to my ovary and I’m so glad it’s out! They also found another issue with the veins in my pelvis that wouldn’t have been diagnosed otherwise. Xx

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fdennis07 in reply to Bournemouth007

Wownl that is a looong wait! If u dont mind me asking, what was the issue they found with your veins? I had a MRI a couple of weeks ago and I got a call on Tueday asking me to come in urgently as they thought I had deep vein thrombosis near my right hip. I have been injecting myself everyday with clexane and I had an ultrasound yesterday to check my veins on my right leg and pelvis and they couldnt see anything....kinda worried that the ultrasound has missed something if the MRI picked it up. Just in case they want me to continue with the clexane and I need to have another ultrasound on thing after the other!!

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Bournemouth007 in reply to fdennis07

The surgeon called it pelvic vein syndrome which is basically varicose veins in my pelvis. It’s apparently common in woman who have had kids but Im not a mum yet so bit nervous about what it means. Will find out more information in my follow up in a few months.

Hope all goes well!

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